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Highest Yielding Strains in 2021
highest yielding strains in 2021
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Highest Yielding Strains in 2021

Is more always better than less? Regardless of what we are talking about, be it chocolate cake or marijuana, we normally want more more more! However what good is 10 chocolate cakes if they are dry and gross? It is the same with marijuana. If we have a strain that builds large colas of cannabis then it is absolutely crucial that the product is high quality and not trash.

Luckily here at Sticky Seeds we have high yielding cannabis seeds for sale that create top shelf product. We have picked out the top 5 heaviest yielding marijuana seeds to help our collectors preserve this crucial genetic property. Keeping hold of these genetics can allow future generations to crossover any juicy strain they like with one of our heavy yielders to create a balance of both brawn and beauty.

Here are our High Yielding Cannabis Strains

So let us get down to business, here are our top 5 high yielding seeds that we sell here at Sticky Seeds:

  • Giant Bud: 600 – 700 Grams per Square Meter / 7-8 Week Flower
  • Critical Mass: 600 – 700 Grams per Square Meter / 8-9 Week Flower
  • Power Bud: 600 – 700 Grams per Square Meter / 10-11 Week Flower
  • Shalom: 600 – 675 Grams per Square Meter / 8-9 Week Flower
  • Nuclear Bomb: 600 – 625 Grams per Square Meter / 8-9 Week Flower

Giant Bud

Often used in commercial operations. This classic strain is one of the most popular strains for big produce and has a notoriously low scent; which isn’t always a bad thing. Yields can be around 600 to 700 grams per square meter with a quick 7 to 8 week flower period. You can Buy Giant Bud Cannabis Seeds here.

Giant Bud

Critical Mass

With the same parents as Big Bud, Critical Mass yields a similar level but with a much tangier sweet smell. Pepper & Pine smells are reported, yet those scents are more on the sweet side. Yields are around 650 grams per square meter with a 8 week flower period. However some phenos enjoy 9 weeks. You can Buy Critical Mass Cannabis Seeds here.

Critical Kush

Power Bud

Power Bud has been known for her yields since 1997. These South African genetics give a high yield with plenty of personality. However, the flowering period is around 10 – 11 weeks but she is worth waiting for. Tremendous yields of 600 – 700 grams have been reported. You can Buy Power Bud Cannabis Seeds here.

Power Bud


This sticky missy takes just 8 to 9 weeks to flower and has yields reaching up to 675 grams per square meter! She is a resin-creating queen that deserves a place in every collector’s set. Shalom combines both yields, quality, and scents into one genetic with a relatively quick flowering time. You can Buy Shalom Cannabis Seeds here.


Nuclear Bomb

Coming from a Skunk, Northern Lights, and El Nino she enjoys some true celebrity lineage. She is known for generating high yields with an incredible level of quality. Whilst she will not weigh in quite as heavy as the strains above, she will create a better product. She takes around 8 to 9 weeks to flower with a reported yield of 600 – 625 grams per square meter. You can Buy Nuclear Bomb Cannabis Seeds here.

Nuclear Bomb

How to increase the yield of any strain

Whether a grower used one of the higher yielding strains listed above or went for something else, there are proven ways to dramatically increase the cannabis yield for any genetic. Techniques such as plant training (L.S.T AND H.S.T) and plant manipulation (Topping & Manifold techniques) are the best ways to begin acheiving a higher yield. But some other small tweaks can also make a difference, read more here.


So which one should you buy for your collection? All of these high yielding cannabis strains are of high quality, no matter what seed you purchase here at Sticky Seeds you will be receiving top genetics at more than competitive prices. Can’t decide? With our cannabis seeds starting from just £5 per single seed you could always buy more than just one genetic!

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