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Guerilla growing in trees

tree top growing
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Guerilla growing in trees

Tree top growing is an uncommon practice that comes with both benefits and issues. Does it work? Yes. But is it a good idea? Maybe not.

Guerilla growing is a common practice where a grower cultivates cannabis plants outside in an area that is not part of their property such as a woodland. Some growers even use parts of farm land and hide the cannabis plants inside other crops.

There are many issues with Guerilla growing such as:

  • having to travel every day or two to water the plants
  • having the entire crop stolen/destroyed at harvest by others who have come across the plants
  • pests such as slugs and caterpillars, etc.

Tree Top Growing Benefits

Tree top growing is an outside of the box idea that comes with a few benefits, such as:

  • The plants would be much harder to find, which means they are much less likely to be stolen.
  • The plants would receive more sun light due to not having trees or bushes casting shade on them throughout the day as the sun passes over.
  • Less pests could interfere with the grow as they aren’t on the ground where the majority of pests live.

Tree Top Growing Dangers

Whilst there are benefits to Guerilla growing in trees, there are some serious dangers. Climbing a tree every time you need to water and check the plants would be very dangerous. Water is very heavy and depending on how many plants are in the tree it could be a lot of work going up and down with the water. One fall could be fatal or leave the grower disabled for life.

guerilla growing

How some growers have successfully grown cannabis in tree tops

Browsing forums online there are many success stories where people have grown cannabis in a tree. Here are a few ideas that they suggested.

The higher the plants are, the more wind they will have to withstand. The pots would need to be tied carefully to ensure they do not fall out during a storm. One forum member used a hanging basket to grow a plant, they simply hung the basket from a branch high up. This minimises the risk of a full pot falling out of a tree.


Whilst the idea can work and be beneficial, most would agree that it is a little too dangerous.

plants in tree

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