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Cheap Cannabis Seeds

We've got you covered. Here at Sticky Seeds you can buy cheap cannabis seeds in a safe and secure environment. Sit back and browse hundreds of different strains from our tried and tested online collection of cheap marijuana seeds! Take a gander at our high yielding seeds or if you prefer a speedier strain you can check out all of the fast flowering seeds we have for sale.

cheap cannabis seeds
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Why buy cheap cannabis seeds at Sticky Seeds?

Every one who has been collecting marijuana seeds for a year or more will understand that the price of a cannabis seed is shockingly high. Sticky Seeds is proud to offer an impressive collection of cheap cannabis seeds that boast the same high quality genetics as the popular branded versions that cost an arm and a leg! Our cheap marijuana seeds come from A class genetics that can easily go head to head with any other seedbank or cannabis cup winner. With the very best potent strains right at your finger tips for a fraction of the price, why pay more?

Take a browse around our online store and find hundreds of juicy discount marijuana strains that are sure to get you drooling!


  1. Auto Blue Kush Cannabis Seeds
    Auto Blue Kush Cannabis Seeds
    As low as £7.00 Regular Price £7.00
  2. Auto Kush XL Cannabis Seeds
    Auto Kush XL Cannabis Seeds
    As low as £7.00 Regular Price £7.00
  3. Auto Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds
    Auto Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds
    As low as £7.00 Regular Price £7.00
  4. Auto Moby Dick Cannabis Seeds
    Auto Moby Dick Cannabis Seeds
    As low as £7.00
  5. Auto Cheese Cannabis Seeds
    Auto Cheese Cannabis Seeds
    As low as £7.00 Regular Price £7.00

Why are our Cheap Marijuana Seeds so affordable?

Thinking of buying some of our cheap marijuana seeds but wondering how they are so affordable? As many people already know, we have discount weed seeds that possess extravagant genetics and top quality attributes in all areas. Our products come from one of the most respectable breeders in the world using the very best cannabis genetics known to man (and woman). We purchase our stock in large amounts directly from the breeder which allows us to cut out any middle men. This saves many excess costs and as you can see from the price tags on our cheap marijuana seeds, the savings are passed directly on to the customer. Whilst profit is important for a business to successfully run, we strongly believe that every person in the world has the right to store this incredible medicine in the form a seed. From ever changing laws to genetic preservation, it is every humans right to help protect the huge array of different cannabis plants that have developed from all corners of our planet. For this reason, we have chosen to supply cheap marijuana seeds to end customers all over the world.

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How do we Compare to others seedbanks?

When you buy discount cannabis seeds online with us, you can be confident that you will only receive the highest quality cannabis genetics. It is often true that spending more money on an item will mean receiving an item that is higher quality, but at Sticky Seeds we are changing this law for all cannabis lovers.

Our strains have been proven (within legal countries) to perform to the same high standard as the well known Dutch seedbanks that we all know and love. With all important attributes compared, such as yield and flavour, our strains have impressed all those fortunate enough to enjoy them. Our affordable cannabis seeds have been repeatedly proven to reach, and in certain cases, even exceed the quality of the competition.

cheap marijuana seeds

Tried the rest? Now try the best!

Sticky Seeds is well known all around the UK for stocking the very best weed seeds at low prices. Every seed that we stock is sold at very competitive prices, we are easily one of the cheapest places to buy cannabis seeds.

Our premium strains are all stored in an optimum environment to ensure longevity. Placing an order with us is simple, you can browse our large catalogue of cannabis strains until you find the perfect ones that can satisfy your desires. We sell all our strains in quantities of 1, 3, 5, 10 and 50! The larger pack you buy, the cheaper it gets.