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Auto Critical Purple Grow Journal

Auto Critical Purple Grow Journal
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Auto Critical Purple Grow Journal

Auto Critical Purple Strain + Grow Setup Info

In this Journal, the grower is cultivating five Auto Critical Purple Seeds by Dark Wizard Genetics using the below setup.

Auto Critical Purple grow journal
For more details, or to purchase these seeds, check out the official strain info on the Auto Critical Purple seeds page

Setup: Grow Tent 120 x 120 x 200 (cm)
2x 260W 3500k LED Lights
8″ Phresh Extractor Fan
4″ Intake Extractor Fan
15L Airpots
Canna Coco Canna Nutrients: Canna Start & Rhizotonic, Canna Coco A&B, Liquid Silicon, Green Planet Massive, Advanced Nutrients Overdrive.

washing coco #1

After a rinse the Air Pots are left to drain:

washing coco #2

Before they get 2x 8 hour soaks in tap water with 150% dose of CalMag by simply dropping the pot in a 30L bucket of cal-mag solution Auto Critical Purple Grow Journal

washing coco #3

*It looks like there’s a lot more perlite than there is as it floats to the top when watering.

Stage – Seedlings

Three Days since germination, all the Critical Purple plants have sprouted!

critical purple seedling #1

critical purple seedling #2

critical purple seedling #3

Now, these are in small pots. My friend says starting in smaller pots is fine & they’ll establish roots better & veg faster if they’re started in smaller pots, so I’ll be using the reverse sandcastle method to put them up before the roots get bound, with time for them to settle before I top them

Day 3:
The tent was cool & the humidity was low today, so I added the heater & flooded the drain tray. A few hours later on they looked much happier…

Then I used bottled water with a background EC of 0.1 added 2ml of Rhizotonic & 2ml of Canna Start, diluted it down to an EC of 0.4 & pH’d to 5.6. Each pot got 200ml around the center/outside which gave some runoff

Then I remembered these are auto‘s, should prefer lighter feeding compared to photo’s & really wished I didn’t add the Canna start Auto Critical Purple Grow Journal

day 3

Day 7 (1 week)
I imagine it’ll be as boring for you as it is for me Auto Critical Purple Grow Journal. Leaves are slowly forming while the real magic happens underground…

day 6

They look a little strechted but I have another strain next to them which is fine. At least that probably means it’s genetics & nothing I am doing (they’re under a 100W LED panel).

I am very temped to mainline those plants for 8 colas & keep them smaller than they would be (which I imagine will still be bigger than the incredible bulks I grew on my last run).


Day 10

So I buffered all these pots of coco nearly two weeks ago & they’ve been in the tent loving life ever since.

day 10

day 10 critical purple auto

Day 12

I repotted all of the auto critical purple plants to 15l airpots today! They’re all now in the main tent as well as their 15L airpots & have been watered with the same EC of 0.7 & PH 5.8 as yesterday.

However I did add 1 drop per 5L of Superthrive (which I forgotten I had until I found it kicking about) as its positive effects supposedly help the plant get over any stress.


new pots

Day 14 (2 weeks)

So it’s been 4 days since I transplanted the ladies and they’re coming on leaps & bounds Auto Critical Purple Grow Journal

day 14 critical purple auto

Day 21 (3 weeks)
3 weeks in which seems as good a time as any to do an update

day 21

auto critical purple 3 weeks


Day 26 – 1st day of Flower

On day 26 from seed the Auto Critical Purple plants are showing pistols, this is officially the first day of flower.

flower day 1

flowering auto critical purple

Day 35 (5 weeks)

Plants were tied down a week ago and they have bounced back nicely.

automatic flowering day 7

List of Past issues…
So from keeping a diary I note down daily what I am doing; EC pH, volume, light height, intensity, temp & humidity etc. I also jot down & anything I’d do differently next time & these are where I am at so far…

  • Didn’t Pop Extra Seeds When Starting – Should have popped a few extras so I could in some if needed & just grow out the strongest (as it happens I did a couple more the following day, but wasn’t prepared).
  • Potted Up too Early – I could have left them in the 500ml pots for a probably 5 more days easily (but was stressing about doing it when they hit the 3rd node, as opposed to at some point at the 3rd node).
  • Didn’t Start Fertigation Soon Enough – They were on pH’d water for about a week & & should have started them on 0.4EC from when the leaves opened.
  • Left Topping & Training too Late – Topped the day pistols showed, was waiting for 6 nodes, took my eye off the ball & should have topped & LST’d a week earlier so they’d recovered by the time they started flower (I seem to have gotten away with it so far, but still…)
  • Topped Above the 6th Node – Should have done it above the 5th node, removing the 6th.
  • Not Feeding Enough – Run off EC has been half / less than half of the inflow EC. Should have been on top of this sooner to make sure they were getting the required nutrients.
  • Over Watering – I watered the 15L air pots too much. I probably should have potted them up to a 2L pot before the 15L to allow root growth in a more suitable sized pot (probably why they looked droopy for a while). Also might have gone better in the 15L pots if they’d rooted more in the 500ml’s before potting up.
  • Environmental Control – Humidity has been consistently low & the temperature dropped to 18C during lights off. I could have setup my controller to run my oil filled radiator & humidifier & dialed the levels in properly.

All the above could have caused stress or hindered the plants. Some possibly more than others, but still things to avoid in the future…
Moving forward though the goal is don’t do any of the above for a smoother ride

Day 42 (6 weeks)

day 14 of flower
2 weeks in flower auto plant

Day 49 (7 weeks)

Got some killer purple colours coming through on the buds…

Auto plant 3 weeks in flower

21 days into flower

Day 56 (8 weeks)

5 weeks since they started showing flowers so as good a time to do an update as any

auto critical purple 5 weeks in flower

auto critical purple 35 days in flower

Day 63 (9 weeks)

Not long left until harvest time!

auto critical purple 6 weeks

42 days flower

70 Days – (10 Weeks from Seed!)

The colours are popping, calyx’s are swelling & frost is settling

10 Weeks from seed auto

10 weeks into flower auto critical purple


Day 70 – Time to Harvest

The auto critical purples are going to be harvested today! After 7 weeks of flower and nearly 4 weeks of veg. Giving an overall time of just under 11 weeks from seed.

11 weeks from seed autoflowering critical purple

7 weeks flower

auto critical purple harvest

How much did Auto Critical Purple yield?

Dried harvest was an average of 75 grams per plant.

How long did Auto Critical Purple take from seed to harvest?

From seed to day of harvest this strain took 11 weeks to complete.

Was Auto Critical Purple easy to grow?

This strain was relatively easy to cultivate and needed no special attention, the yield and product was fantastic and I would grow it again

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