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What to do with leftover vape poo (AVB)

what to do with vape poo
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What to do with leftover vape poo (AVB)

What to do with leftover vape poo (AVB)

If you are not familiar with the slang, vape poo is really not as horrific as it sounds. It is nothing more than the leftover cannabis flower from a vaporizer that has already been vaped. AVB is another term used for this and it stands for Already Vaped Bud.

Many people throw vape poo away but this is very wasteful. Some people like to recycle and reuse AVB as there are still many beneficial cannabinoids left that can be used. There are a few different ways to reuse the herbs and we will talk about each method.


Making Edibles with AVB

This is by far the most common use for AVB due to it being quick, easy, and effective. You can either make quick edibles or standard edibles.

Quick edibles with vaped bud

Some people like to save up around 20 grams of vape poo and then grind it down. This ground herb is then put into any food or dessert recipe that incorporates a decent amount of butter or oil such as chocolate brownies. The fat in the oil and butter is crucial for binding the cannabinoids and creating effective edibles.

Standard edibles

Edibles can be made in a slow cooker with either cow butter or coconut oil. Vegan butter can not be used as the high fat count is needed for cannabinoids to bind. Coconut oil is vegan and works perfectly. Simply grind down around 20 grams (The more the better) of old vaped bud and place it in the melted coconut oil or butter. Leave the slow cooker to work for about two hours at 180 degrees. Then filter out the cannabis from the liquid using coffee filters.


Making Tinctures with AVB

Making tinctures with AVB is a great way to make use of these leftovers, but it does require a lot of time due to how tinctures are made. But on the upside, the process is very simple and does not require much equipment. All you need is food-grade ethyl alcohol or glycerine, a glass mason jar with a sealed lid, and your AVB!

Other uses for AVB

Once you have made either edibles or tinctures, there are lots of ways you can begin using them. If you are a no-nonsense kind of person then you may want to just ingest these concentrates straight. But for others, here are a few ideas for making your concentrates a little tastier.

You can add your premade edibles to anything you eat or drink. Here are a few ideas:

  • Morning Coffee
  • Simply add some edible or tincture to the coffee/tea and stir.

  • Toast
  • Use the edible butter on your toast!

  • Baked Potatoes
  • Use your edible butter on baked potatoes instead of normal butter!


Hot Chocolate AVB

You can boil cow milk and ground AVB together on the hob and make hot chocolate, but it would be very weak unless you used a lot of bud (try at least 4 grams, depending on the quality of AVB).
To make Hot Chocolate with vaped bud all you need to do is add some cow milk into a saucepan and place it on the hob.
Grind down all the bud and add to the milk.
Take the temperature of the milk to about 180 F (82 C).
Leave the milk at this temperature for an hour and keep stirring. Towards the end add your hot chocolate and maybe some cinnamon etc.
Turn the hob off and let the milk cool down. Then strain the herbs out of the milk by using a sieve and then a coffee filter.

Smoking vaped bud

Yes, you can smoke previously vaped bud. However, most people find that it tastes awful and has a very weak effect. When making edibles or tinctures a lot more bud is used so it is a much stronger substance when compared to one joint or blunt.


So as you can see, there is plenty of effective ways to reuse vaped bud and it is well worth saving up in a glass jar! Many people do not use enough AVB to feel an effect. The key is to save up more as you need a good amount to get an effect as most of the goodness was already taken by the vape.

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