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Sticky Seeds Affiliate Program

cannabis seeds affiliate program

Are you ready to start monetizing your website, YouTube, social media page or magazine? At Sticky Seeds our professional affiliate program can create unique links and QR codes. So you do not even need a website to start earning money through cannabis seed sales.

Our program is free to join and we even give every new user a £10 bonus just for signing up! Our online seedbank has a fantastic range of cannabis seeds and is a great way for you to make extra money. We have a flat commission of 20% per sale you bring us. Your affiliate account will be open instantly upon signing up, so you can start earning commissions in just 5 minutes.

Why Use our Marijuana Affiliate Program?

20% marijuana seeds affiliate commission Large commission rates of 20%
All affiliates get an industry leading rate of 20%. You even get a free £10 bonus upon creating an account to help you get started.

instant access Instant access and approval
We are currently giving instant access to our affiliate software. It only takes 1 minute to sign up and you will instantly have access to your unique affiliate link, QR code + our library of banners.

high conversion rate High conversion rate
Our professionally crafted website ensures the very best conversion rates for your traffic. We maximize sales through different tactics to help your customer spend that little bit extra, ensuring the very best outcome for your pocket.

advanced reports Advanced Reporting Tools
Our advanced reporting tools gives you intelligent insights on all of the traffic you have brought over, along with your account balance and a library full of banners, text links and images.

keep customers Your customers remain your customers
We store our cookies for 365 days, so returning customers will remain your customers and continue making you money!

happy customers Customer satisfaction guarantee
You can feel good about sending your customers over to Sticky Seeds. We run a strong customer support program, so every single customer you send over to us will have a pleasant shopping experience from start to finish.

How does it all work?

how it works

  • Create an account and access your control panel. Here you will find a unique affiliate link
  • You can place your unique affiliate link in an email or on your website
  • A user clicks this link and our software keeps track of them
  • Once the user reaches the checkout success page, your percentage cut will immediately be added to your account

Using our affiliate program is an amazing way to make money through hobbies and blogs. With an ever growing range of incredible marijuana genetics we are sure to have multiple items on offer that your customers will just love. We offer worldwide shipping and credit card processing, we are the perfect solution for both your local and international marketing plan.

Some Fun Ways to Make Money

If you do not currently have a platform to advertise on, then there are plenty of ways for you to get started. If you want to market offline then you can use QR Codes to create flyers to giveaway at festivals etc! For those wanting to stay online then here are a few quick and easy ideas to get you started on your journey.

Create fun YouTube videos and add your link in the description

Use a company such as Wordpress to get a free website up and running.

Create an Instagram or Twitter page within the cannabis niche and start placing your affiliate link in posts!