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Top 5 Easiest Strains to Grow

easy cannabis strains to grow
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Top 5 Easiest Strains to Grow

Not all cannabis strains grow equally. Novice growers should keep that in mind while developing their skills in the garden. Some strains are more resilient to mold while others are known for greater yields and returns.

Beginner growers are most privy to misinformation when seeking the easiest cannabis strains to grow though this guide will accurately review the strains most easily cultivated. Growing newcomers should choose strains that are more forgiving and easier to acquire yet still offer respectable yields and quality flowers.

Whether grown by a novice or professional, easy genetics make seed-to-harvest processes easier and are ideal for growers with little experience or cultivators wanting maximum results for minimal effort.

Beginner-friendly strains need proper care and attention just as high-grade genetics do as plants not receiving adequate nutrients, water, and light can sicken or die, which no grower wants to experience. Growers should consider their space, investable funds, and desired taste before choosing a strain as these factors determine which strain best suits harvesting goals and available resources.

Without further ado, let’s review the easiest strains to grow to see which are grower-favorite genetics

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of the most popular strains among consumers and novice growers. Thanks to its relaxative effects, consumer demand for this strain is greater than ever before and so is the number of growers cultivating it too.

Given its popularity, seeds are easy to find and in fact are available in our cannabis seed marketplace (see the links a little lower down). Plus, its genetics are inherently strong at defending against root rot and powdery mildew, it’s no wonder why it has become ranked as one of the easiest cannabis strains to grow.

Blue Dream quickly popularized due to its high yields and unique berry flavour, although, it is a hybrid of Haze and Blueberry, so potent aroma and flavour is to be expected. Having Sativa-dominant genetics, this strain grows tall and easily too when properly trained and pruned.

It is a strain known for large yields though they need trellis support as genetics weaken the plant’s ability to support the weight of heavier flowers. With high yields and nine to ten week flowering times, it’s a vigorous strain allowing margins of error.

Blue Dream can tolerate cold temperatures too though thrives best at 80° Fahrenheit, it can take higher levels of nitrogen without burning as well which makes keeping the plant safe from harm easier.

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Green Crack

green crack

Green Crack originated from California, it is an easy strain to grow, and is flexible enough to be grown either in or outdoors though outside has the ability to stretch even more.

This strain is sensitive to powdery mildew so humidity should be kept low when grown indoors. If grown outdoors, Green Crack plants thrive best in warm, Mediterranean climates.

When grown indoors, Green Crack plants need plenty of air circulation to avoid bud rot as they can produce an average of eighteen ounces of flower per square meter, which can take as little as seven yet up to nine weeks.

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Northern Lights

northern lights

Northern Lights are bred from Thai and Afghani genetics and is an all-time favourite among both growers and connoisseurs. It has been used many, many times to breed some of the most iconic strains on the market and offers a profound high complemented by sweet and earthy flavours.

Northern Lights is known for being easy to grow and indoors it can give multiple cycles each year thanks to the quick growth and flowering phases. It is a small to average-sized plant with distinctive amounts of resinous buds.

Outdoors, Northern Lights grows best in warm environments, produces around twenty-two ounces per plant, and typically harvests in October. Indoors, the strain takes seven to nine weeks to flower, and in a healthy indoor environment, will produce around eighteen ounces per square meter.

Airflow should be steady to avoid humidity build-up in the canopy and high levels of nitrogen are best as it can take heavy feedings throughout the flowering cycle.

Overall, it is a high-yield, easy-to-grow strain great for growers with little experience.

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White Widow

White Widow is a Netherlands hybrid produced by Green House Seeds and is a cross of a South Indian Indica with a Brazilian Sativa landrace. As a potent strain, it is blanketed by resin-tipped trichomes and delivers a well-balanced high that smoothly relaxes the mind and body.

This 90s strain is a staple in Amsterdam coffee shops and as an Indica-dominant is used for its mellow and relaxing effects. It is a fairly easy strain to grow and produces around eighteen ounces per plant indoors and twenty-one if grown outside.

Inside, they flower in eight to nine weeks and towards the end of October if outdoors. It can be grown outside, but as with any other strain, it often grows best indoors in a climate-controlled setting.

White Widow is an easy weed strain to grow as its genetics make it more resistant to diseases and more adaptable to cooler climates.

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Jack Herer

jack herer

Jack Herer is a Sativa-dominant hybrid named after the cannabis activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

Delivering a calm and clear-headed high, the strain serves as a suitable homage to Jack Herer himself.

The strain is often described as the perfect blend of flavour and aroma but also touted as a great strain for new growers planning their first harvest. As one of the most grown and respected strains, Jack Herer autoflowering seeds are the staple of any grower collection as they flower quickly and produce large yields as well.

It is known for its short flowering period which takes only eight to ten weeks indoors. Impressive too are its yields, each square meter can produce an average of eighteen ounces.

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Final Thoughts

Thank you for visiting the easiest strains to grow guide, this was happily brought to you by Sticky Seeds.

We are a marketplace and retailer serving cannabis enthusiasts and collectors with a variety of seeds and hope this guide helped you learn which strains grow easiest.

If interested in viewing our collection, visit our cannabis seeds for sale here or contact us for questions and our team would be more than happy to help.

Whether you need Feminized cannabis seeds or autoflowering cannabis seeds, we have you covered and look forward to fulfilling your requests.

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