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bottom feed coco

Quick Guide to Bottom Feeding Coco

Conventionally the cannabis plant is always watered from the top, just like any other plant. But many growers have switched to bottom feeding coco substrates after several forum users started showcasing a few benefits to bottom feeding. What is bottom...

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tree top growing

Guerilla growing in trees

Tree top growing is an uncommon practice that comes with both benefits and issues. Does it work? Yes. But is it a good idea? Maybe not. Guerilla growing is a common practice where a grower cultivates cannabis plants outside in...

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do weed seeds smell

Do Weed Seeds Smell

In the past, there have been rumours from forums such as this one that cannabis seeds give off a smell that police dogs can pick up on. Here at Sticky Seeds we sell cannabis seeds and have done for...

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high humidity in veg

High humidity in veg

Humidity is measured as RH which stands for Relative Humidity. It is a measurement that detects how much moisture is in the air. It is important when growing cannabis to keep RH levels within the correct range according to...

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2 plants in one pot

2 plants in one pot

Whether a grower has put 2 autoflowers or two feminized seeds in one pot, it will result in the same situation. For many people, this may happen as a mistake, but some growers actually do this on purpose. Read...

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soil coco mix 50 50

Using a Soil and coco mix 50/50

There are many different mediums that cannabis can be grown in such as Soil, Coco, Rockwool, and Clay pebbles. Each has there advantages and disadvantages. Some mediums can do quite well when mixed together, such as rock wool seedling...

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