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The Top 5 Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains

highest yielding strains
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The Top 5 Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains

highest yielding cannabis strains

With hundreds of new breeders popping up every week, selecting the highest yielding cannabis strain is not as easy as you may first have thought. With so many companies claiming to have the best genetics it can easily become overwhelming. As many people have already experienced, the statistics written on the back of the seed packet are not always 100% accurate.

This is why I have taken it upon myself to grow the most popular highest yielding cannabis strains and record the results in detailed grow journals from seed to harvest. This is the only way to prove once and for all what the best strains for cash cropping are.

The Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains

Below you will find the very best high yielding cannabis strains that the industry has to offer. Each strain will include a link to the grow journal so you can see the results of the seed to harvest for yourself. All of these impressive strains are available to buy from our catalogs of photoperiod feminized and autoflowering feminized seeds.
comparing yields of strains

Critical Mass

#1 Winner
critical mass strain
When it comes to the large amounts of chronic sensi most people will always go straight to Critical Mass seeds and have done for many years. This strain does not let people down and always delivers a wild amount of bud that is enjoyed by all types of smokers. Yields are known to exceed 700 grams per square meter with a very quick flowering time of 9 weeks (whilst there are faster flowering options when you consider the yield of this monster it is a pretty fast timescale!).

Another huge advantage of Critical Mass is the low smell level during flower. Terpenes tend to smell more like Pine, Herbal, and Pepper than anything else so the smell is far less pungent than certain other plants.

View the Critical Mass Grow Journal here.

Giant Bud

giant bud strain
Another plant that leaves no surprises is the newly created Giant Bud by Dark Wizard Genetics. Bred purely for discreet cash cropping it features everything in its genetic makeup that you could dream of. Fast flowering times of 8 weeks, mammoth yields of 700 grams per square meter, and buds with a very low smell profile. The parent plants are an XL Northern Lights and Critical Mass which is a perfect blend for discreetly cultivating large amounts of bud.

Power Bud

power bud strain
With a name such as this, you already know what to expect! Whilst Power Bud seeds are another heavy-weight producer, it is not used as often and is not so suited for cash cropping due to the longer flowering time of 10 to 11 weeks. She is mostly Sativa and has some unique flavours and properties. Power Bud produces around 700 grams per square meter of undeniably potent weed.

The genetics reign from South Africa and can handle a lot of nutrients during the flowering phase which when balanced correctly helps production to excel even more.
View the Power Bud Grow Journal here.

Skunk XL

skunk xl strain
Our Skunk XL seeds take an all-time classic and bring it into the future with a far superior yield that can achieve wildly large colas of dense skunky delights. Even though the original Skunk is an older strain it can still compete in today’s markets with newer strains such as Gelato and Wedding Cake. The Skunk XL strain is capable of yielding 650 grams of high grade cannabis per square meter. With a relatively quick flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks, this is a very impressive plant!

Critical Cheese

critical cheese strain
For a slight reduction in yield, people can opt for Critical Cheese seeds and gain much in the smell and taste department. As you can guess by the name, a classic cheese seed was crossed over with a Critical Mass seed to create a beautiful blend of both high yields and incredible world-renowned flavour.

With a whopping yield of 600 grams per square meter this is still a serious production machine! The flowering time ranges between 8 to 9 weeks making it very similar to both the parent plants. This plant is mostly Indica and produces a heavy couch lock effect. There are also several other high yielding cheese strains for you to view!

With so many intriguing options it can get a little stressful for some people to make a choice. But rest assured that we only stock the very best here at Sticky Seeds and no matter what species you opt for, the genetics will be A class.

How I selected these 5 strains to compare

Many collectors and growers will most definitely recognize some of the classic massive yielders listed above! But there are a few newer strains listed too that some may not have heard about.

When I started selecting 5 strains to grow and compare I asked myself, is more always better than less? Regardless of what we are talking about, be it chocolate cake or the highest yielding cannabis strains, we normally want more, more, more! However, what good are 10 chocolate cakes if they are dry and gross? It is the same with cannabis seeds. If we have a high yielding strain that builds large colas of cannabis then it is absolutely crucial that the buds are high quality and not trash. With this in mind, I selected 5 heavy weight contenders that produce potent buds, high THC content, and relatively quick flowering times.

There are still many other strains that provide bountiful yields but with slightly slower flowering times such as Amnesia Kush seeds. Check out the Amnesia Kush Grow Journal for more details.

Why do some strains yield more than others?

The final yield of a cannabis plant can differ dramatically due to a number of different reasons. But the two main reasons are undoubtedly strain genetics and the growing environment.

Strain genetics play a huge part in the final yield and it is simply down to how the original strain evolved and developed in the wild for hundreds of years. When the specific plant strain was growing in the wild it bred naturally amongst itself and the plants that bred into the next generation were always providing a bountiful yield.

Growers take these highest yielding cannabis strains and breed them with other strains that provide high-quality smoke but are lacking in the yield department. When this is done correctly the final result is a marijuana plant that provides a bountiful crop of high-quality bud (such as the ones I listed higher up in this article).

Are larger yields purely down to genetics?

Genetics is simply the first and most important rule for a larger yield. The growing environment is the second main reason for the final weight of bud that a plant can provide. It is a crucial factor and without an effective growing environment, even the best seeds will never amount to much.

Cannabis plants need a very specific amount of nutrients in the correct balance and this changes several times as the plant matures and blooms. Plants also need plenty of powerful lighting along with many other environmental necessities such as humidity, dark periods, temperatures, airflow, and so on

What can be done to make a cannabis plant yield more?

techniques to increase yields on all strains
Whether a grower uses one of the strains listed above or goes for something else, there are proven ways to dramatically increase the cannabis yield for any genetic.

Techniques such as plant training (L.S.T AND H.S.T) and plant manipulation (topping and manifold techniques) are the best ways to begin achieving a higher yield. But some other tricks can also make a difference to the end results.

When the plant is in flower it can start taking much more nutrients and finding the sweet spot can allow the plant to reach its maximum potential. There are also many different brands of bud hardeners that help the plant pack on some serious weight!

Below you can see details on the average amount of nutrients (measured in EC) that most cannabis plants can thrive on during their life span. When the plant is in the initial stages of flowering it must be kept on lower feeds as going straight to 1.8 EC could easily cause plant problems such as nutrient burn and that will be seriously counter-productive.

nutrient guide for cannabis plants

For more details and ideas on increasing the yield of any plant you can read more on our guide – how to get a high yield from a cannabis plant

Genetically modifying plants to boost photosynthesis and create the highest yielding cannabis strains

Now this one is most likely a bit beyond most people’s science and gardening capabilities, but nevertheless, it is a viable option that can potentially be used on all plants, not just cannabis, to create far superior results to what has ever been possible before. Genetically modifying plants has started happening and not everyone is happy about it. But feelings aside GM plants have shown more than a 20% increase in production which would help global food demands in an ever-growing world.

The trials of GM plants have been running on tobacco fields with much success and many believe there is already genetically modified cannabis being sold on the market. As of now, there are currently no modified cannabis seeds being sold openly on the market. However, modifying the genetics of cannabis to increase yields and potency is most likely going to become a common practice among breeders in the near future.


As you have seen, there are a few different reasons why a plant may not be building large amounts of bud, and purchasing a seed that promises a huge yield is simply not enough when other aspects of the growing phase are not dialed in. Once all requirements are met then these genetics that I have listed will be capable of awe-inspiring results.

We are selling these high yielding seeds to help our collectors preserve this crucial and sought-after genetic property. Keeping hold of these genetics can allow future generations to crossover any juicy strain they like with one of our heavy yielders to create a balance of both brawn and beauty.

You may be asking yourself, with so many impressive options which one should you buy for your collection? All of these high yielding cannabis strains listed above are of high quality, no matter what seed you purchase you will be receiving top genetics at more than competitive prices. Can’t decide? With our cannabis seeds starting from just £5 per single seed, you could always buy more than just one genetic!

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