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Wholesale Cannabis Seeds

bulk cannabis seeds

Whether you want to buy wholesale cannabis seeds to resell or are after bulk quantities for your personal collection, we have you covered. We have hundreds of popular marijuana genetics for sale, currently we are stocking both Feminized and Autoflowering strains. Both types of seeds are available to buy in wholesale quantities.

The more cannabis seeds you buy, the cheaper it gets! Why buy in small amounts for high prices when you can get stocked up for less?

What makes our Wholesale Cannabis Seeds so great?

packaging Packaging Options
On a standard order of 50 seeds, without contacting us, you will receive all 50 in a single branded pack. However, if you message us for a custom quote we can arrange any number of sealed and branded packs with as little as 3 seeds per pack.

handling How we handle our Bulk Cannabis Seeds
Handling the seed correctly is absolutely imperative to keeping them viable for a long time as this stops them from expiring prematurely. We always wear gloves when handling our stock to ensure no moisture is left on the outer shell. This ensures a long shelf life for our marijuana seeds and keeps the end customer happy.

storage How we store our Bulk Cannabis Seeds
Often overlooked by many buyers and even some suppliers, storing cannabis seeds correctly is one of the most important parts of being an avid collector. There are a few golden rules that must be followed when storing away our bulk seeds to make sure that they remain viable for many years to come. Whenever you buy wholesale seeds from us, you can rest assured that several important storage practices have been followed since the birth of the seed!



Whether you are an avid seed collector looking to save money by making a bulk purchase or a shop looking to stock up, you are sure to love our premium collection of superior genetics. We can deliver our bulk cannabis seeds all over the globe (where laws allow). Payment can be made in several ways including Bitcoin, Bank transfers, and secure online card payments.

You can find hundreds of radically different genetics in our store, even those looking for a small amount can enjoy our affordable prices. But those looking to make large cannabis seed orders in quantities of 50 or more can enjoy a huge discount as low as £2.50 a seed! We are one of the cheapest options when it comes to bulk marijuana seeds. No matter the size of your order delivery will be just as quick as a regular order. Our team dispatches orders on a daily basis and we always used tracked shipping methods for large orders.

Feel free to take a gander around our online shop and remember that we are always here to answer any of your questions regarding our products.