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Amnesia Kush Grow Journal

Amnesia Kush Grow Journal
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Amnesia Kush Grow Journal

Amnesia Kush Strain + Grow Setup Info

After browsing through this Amnesia Kush grow journal you will quickly understand why this strain became so popular and why its genetics are still frequently used in breeding today in many new strains. Amnesia Kush by Dark Wizard Genetics was created by crossing over OG Kush with an Amnesia Haze.
Amnesia Kush stats
For more details, or to purchase these seeds, check out the official strain info on the Amnesia Kush seeds page

In this grow journal the plant will be grown under these conditions:
Lighting: 600w lumii digital ballast / parabolic shade – Will use a 1000w HPS in flower
Light Cycle: 18/6 & 12/12
Temperature: 24-28°C
Grow Space: Indoor – Loft space – self-built room 1×2 x1x2 x1.8
Medium: Coco in 14L air pots
PH level: 5.8-6.2

Canna A + B
Canna PK
House and garden roots accelerate
Growth tech silicon
Cal mag
ph down
Background ec .2


seeds germinated
The seeds have been placed into damp kitchen towels and placed into a silver baking tray, sealed, and placed on a slightly warm oil radiator (do not use a hot radiator it will kill the seeds).
I waited 24 hours until the seeds had shown enough of a white sprout

Seedlings Day 1

seeds first sprout
Seeds were then placed inside small pots filled with coco pre-soaked in a very small dose of root Accel. I placed the plant pots back on top of the oil radiator and then went back to check the next day to find that two of the seedlings had broken the surface. I believe the other two won’t be far behind.

Seedlings Day 4

Grow Room
Amnesia Kush Seedlings
I have moved the parabolic shade into the grow room and added a metal halide bulb. I currently have it running at 250w but will turn it up to 400w and then 600w later through the grow.

Some of the plants are looking hungry still even though I’ve fed them at
E.C .8 (background 0.2)
Ph 5.8
Humidity- 60-65
Room temps 24-28
I just gave them a slight spray of Cal-Mag to see if that could make them greener and happier.


Feed currently as follows
Ec: 1.2 (Background Ec 0.2) with Canna A + B
Liquid silicon 0.5ML
Rhizo 40ml per 10 Liter
Calmag 1ml per Liter
Ph 5.8

Amnesia Kush Vegetation – 14 Days (2 weeks)

Plants are now into vegetation and are growing happily and healthy.
amnesia kush 2 weeks old

Amnesia Kush Vegetation – 17 Days

All 4 plants have now been topped at the 5th node
amnesia kush topped

amnesia kush topped

Amnesia Kush Vegetation – 21 Days (3 weeks)

Plants are all recovering very nicely from the topping. New branches are all rising up.
amnesia kush 3 weeks

amnesia kush 3 weeks


After 4 weeks of vegetation, the lights were flipped into 12/12 to initiate the flowering phase.

Amnesia Kush Flower – 28 Days (4 weeks)

A few weeks have been missed at the start of flower but things went smoothly without any issues. Flowering nutrients are now being used and the buds are growing at a fantastic pace.
amnesia kush flowering week 4

Amnesia Kush Flower – 42 Days (6 weeks)

It is day 42 and the buds are getting incredibly sticky and stinky. Still a good 3 to 4 weeks of flowering left to go. I am expecting a pretty good yield considering the current size of the buds.
amnesia kush flowering week 6

Amnesia Kush Flower – 49 Days (7 weeks)

Plenty of growth in the last 7 days, giving them more food now. Ec is at 1.7
amnesia kush flowering week 7

Amnesia Kush Flower – 56 Days (8 weeks)

Buds are still growing a little in size so there are a good couple of weeks left for them to become more dense and get some deeper colours. Will start to drop the food down to 1.4 then at week 9 I will start to flush with just water.
amnesia kush flowering week 8

amnesia kush flowering week 8

Amnesia Kush Flower – 63 Days (9 weeks)

amnesia kush flowering week 9

amnesia kush flowering week 9

amnesia kush flowering week 9
It looks absolutely breathtaking now. I normally do faster flowering strains due to being in a rush but I am so happy I went for this Amnesia Kush, an extra 2 weeks is really worth it for something so beautiful. I began the water flush today and I will harvest at week 10.

Amnesia Kush Flower – 70 Days (10 weeks)

amnesia kush flowering week 10

amnesia kush flowering week 10

amnesia kush flowering week 10

amnesia kush flowering week 10

amnesia kush flowering week 10
Some pictures at week 10 of flowering, I am about to harvest them. Tricomes have a few amber heads but I could wait for some more if I really wanted – But I’m not going to! There are so many incredibly dense buds with low leaf ratio so trimming should be a breeze.


amnesia kush harvest
Here are just a few of many dense nugs hanging up to dry. I did a nice slow dry over 10 days to help maintain the flavours. I will begin to cure the buds in glass jars over the next few months.

How much did Amnesia Kush yield?

There were 4 Amnesia Kush plants under a single 1000W HPS Bulb. Each plant yielded 6 ounces of solid dense nugs. Giving me 24 ounces overall.

How long did Amnesia Kush take to flower?

Flowering took 10 weeks to fully ripen and be ready for harvest. An extra week would have been optional.

How tall will Amnesia Kush grow?

Plants were topped and continuously tied down to create a level canopy. Height was about 80cm to the top but would have been much higher without all the training.

Was Amnesia Kush easy to grow?

The plants were very forgiving and didn’t need any special attention so I would say they are easy to grow.

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