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Using a Soil and coco mix 50/50

soil coco mix 50 50
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Using a Soil and coco mix 50/50

There are many different mediums that cannabis can be grown in such as Soil, Coco, Rockwool, and Clay pebbles. Each has there advantages and disadvantages. Some mediums can do quite well when mixed together, such as rock wool seedling cubes going into a pot of coco.

Is using a 50/50 soil coco mix a good idea?

No, using a mixture of these two different mediums is a bad idea. Whether a grower is feeling adventurous or is low on supplies, they may be considering doing a 50/50 mix of soil and coco in the same pot. No matter the reason, it would be advisable to reconsider and just use either soil or coco. If money or transportation is an issue and the grower can not buy more of either, then they should use a smaller plant pot.

Coco and soil may look similar to the eye, but the way they respond to water is very different. Soil holds water much longer and can be overwatered easily, it also often comes with nutrients present that lasts around 4 weeks. Coco on the other hand is impossible to overwater (as long as it has good drainage), holds water for less time, and does not come with any nutrients.

With them acting so different the pot will have some parts that are much drier or wetter than other parts. Even if mixed together thoroughly, it just is not a good idea and the grower should simply stick with one or the other. Some growers who have tried mixing these mediums have reported problems with root rot. This is because the coco at the top will be very dry and look like it needs water, yet the soil below will still be very wet and never have time to dry. The roots in these overwatered parts of the pot will develop rot.

Is soil or coco easier to grow cannabis in

Soil is much more beginner-friendly when growing cannabis. It often comes with small amounts of nutrients that can last the plant the entire vegetive state. Coco is much harder to use as there are no nutrients and even as a seedling the grower would need to add a small amount of nutrients to see any growth.

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