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Using less light at the end of flowering

using less light at the end of flowering
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Using less light at the end of flowering

Towards the end of flowering, the cannabis plant packs on a lot of weight and it is a crucial time for the entire operation. Whilst most growers give the maximum light to their crop throughout the entire process, some are opting to give less during the last two weeks as it turns out yields are not the only thing at risk towards the end of flowering.

Using Less Light to Preserve Terpenes

Terpenes are a crucial part of the plant and many growers have now started reducing grow room temperatures to around 70~ Fahrenheit for the last two weeks of flowering. As marijuana research gets more funding there is more information available that can change a lot of people’s thoughts about certain growing practices.

It has been proven that certain terpenes found in cannabis can vaporize at a much lower temperature than previously thought. Whilst keeping temps around 80 Fahrenheit during the end of the flower will still create high-quality bud in abundance, some people prefer to opt for quality over yield and preserve as many terpenes as possible. For some growers the only way to reduce these temperatures is by using less light as light is always the biggest creator of heat.

Using Less Light to Mimick the Seasons

Some people consistently try to recreate an outdoor grow environment by mimicking the seasons outside by gradually increasing the light intensity during flower, as would happen outdoors with the season changing. This does not help the plant in any way. Growers should always give enough light to their plants throughout the entire crop.

Using Less Light to Reduce Temperatures

Another valid reason to lower the light intensity at the end of the flower is if the grow room temperatures are too hot and damaging the plant as this can damage some of the more volatile terpenes and also stress the plant resulting in less growth happening in terms of the buds becoming denser.

If you turn the light intensity down or swap for a weaker light, the plants will still finish and produce bud, but it will always be a lesser product when the plants are receiving less energy due to the weaker light.

The best way to combat heat temperatures and avoid using a smaller light is to get a more powerful extractor, swap from HPS to LED lights, or use an air conditioner.


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