Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Every year more and more collectors have started to buy autoflower cannabis seeds instead of other types, and with how these genetics have improved it is really no surprise! Our autoflowering cannabis seeds have been featured on many online platforms for their high performance and awe-inspiring genetic composition. Our strains come from the very best ruderalis lineage and provide the most competitive results on the market.


What are Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

The main difference between autoflowering and regular / feminized seeds is that autoflowers will automatically begin to flower at around 3 - 4 weeks into their life cycle without the grower changing the light schedule.

What are the advantages of Autoflowering strains

Autos have many advantages over regular seeds as the plant gets much more light on a daily basis during the flowering phase which allows the plant to finish flowering much earlier.

Another huge advantage is that multiple crops of autoflowering plants can be grown outside in hotter climates. This is unlike regular seeds which rely on the seasons to begin flowering, meaning only one outdoor crop can be grown per year!

What are the disadvantages of Autoflowering Strains

Some people notice a lack of flavour and smell from their favourite strains when trying the auto versions. Some people also claim that auto variations are not as strong as regular seeds. All of these before mentioned flaws are due to the ruderalis (auto-flowering gene) that is crossbred into the regular strain. It can 'water down' the genetics slightly. However, these concerns are not so strong these days as autos have had time to become more developed due to breeding and new versions of ruderalis are being used for breeding.

Are Autoflower seeds better than feminized

This is debatable and depends on the grower's personal needs. Whilst autoflowers can finish between 2 - 4 weeks quicker than regular strains, they do use much more electricity as the lights are left on 18 - 20 hours a day during the plant's whole cycle. Some growers even use 24 hours of light and 0 hours of darkness, whilst this does work many people deem it excessive as all plants need to rest and perform certain activities during night hours.

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