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Top Five Cannabis Strains in the UK

best uk strains
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Top Five Cannabis Strains in the UK

There are currently a multitude of cannabis strains available in the UK, each with its own distinct characteristics, flavour and effects. As a UK based cannabis seed supplier we have dispatched thousands of orders all over the UK. Along with orders fulfilled, we can also see what strains our customers search our website for. This has given us a brilliant insight into the UK’s cannabis market and we sometimes use this data in order to determine what new strains we should stock.

We have delved deep into an exploration of which strains are currently the most popular on our cold and rainy isle, and the results show that British cannabis enthusiasts are a discerning bunch. Though the results indicate that Brits don’t have a singular preference in terms of the THC content or type of flavour they prefer, they are united in their demand for quality, fondness for long-time favourites, but also a willingness to embrace the new. Below are the top five strains in the UK today:

#1 GG (AKA Gorilla Glue)

Formerly known as ‘Gorilla Glue’ until the American brand of superglue after which it was named, insisted that the breeders change its name.

Taking the top spot, GG is the firm favourite in the UK, due in part to its high THC content (the highest of any strain, with the exception of Godfather OG), which can reach up to 31%. This explains its former namesake, as the powerful high that GG produces consists of a relaxing and uplifting state of euphoria, which builds gradually, but then glues your body to the sofa for several hours. This strain is reported to be extremely popular among medical cannabis users due to the effective pain relief that it is said to deliver. GG was created in Spain and developed by crossing the Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel and Sour Dubb strains. It has a sweet, fruity, sometimes chocolatey taste and a pungent, earthy aroma.

GG plants flower in 8 – 9 weeks, producing frosty, trichome-laden buds. GG is an indica dominant hybrid (approximately 66% indica, 34% sativa).

#2 Bruce Banner

Not far behind GG in terms of THC content (this strain contains approximately 27%, but can reach up to 30%), Bruce Banner was named after the alter ego of comic book superhero, the Incredible Hulk. This tells you everything you need to know about the intense high this strain delivers, which is generally a fast-acting euphoria followed by pleasant bodily relaxation. Relatively new to UK shores, Bruce Banner #3 has become the most popular of the Bruce Banner strains due its potency.

Sativa-dominant (60% sativa, 40% indica) Bruce Banner is the product of OG Kush crossed with Strawberry Diesel, which contributes to its fruity flavour. This strain flowers in 8 – 10 weeks, but is difficult to grow discreetly due to its intense aroma, which runs the risk of advertising its presence to neighbours.

#3 Blue Cheese

This strain originates from the famous British-born Cheese lineage and is the product of combining a Blueberry male with a UK Cheese female. Blue Cheese is a completely different animal to GG and Bruce Banner, containing approximately 19% THC content in conjunction with a medium CBD content. Blue cheese is therefore very popular among medicinal cannabis users as it’s very relaxing (without pinning you to the sofa) and efficiently relieves pain, anxiety and stress. Blue Cheese has a creamy, citrus fruit flavour and a sharp, sour aroma. It can be sticky and therefore quite difficult to break apart by hand.

An indica-dominant hybrid (80% indica, 20% sativa), Blue Cheese is relatively easy to grow, with a high resistance to mould and disease. It flowers in 8 – 10 weeks.

blue cheese

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#4 White Widow

White Widow was first bred in the Netherlands and has since become a staple of Dutch coffee shop menus. This strain is fast-acting in effect and stimulates sociability, creativity and motivation, thus generating an uplifting high. It is bred specifically for its high trichome count and produces shed loads of resin, making it a potent strain.

The THC content of White Widow is approximately 26%, with no CBD. This strain has a very subtle flavour reminiscent of fruit and spices. The aroma however is much more pungent, particularly when lit, rendering having a discreet smoke challenging. The bud itself is fluffy and loose in texture, making it easy to break apart.

The White Widow strain is indica-dominant (40% sativa and 60% indica). It is renowned for producing a high yield and is named after the thick white covering of white trichomes that develop during the flowering period, which occurs every 8 – 10 weeks.

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white widow

#5 Critical

Critical is perhaps rising in popularity due its status as the cash crop of the cannabis world. It is often cultivated specifically because it is fast flowering and flourishes in the type of climate found in northern latitudes, producing high yields of good quality bud. The high it delivers is not as powerful as some of the others on this list as its potency is significantly less, with a typical THC content of 18%, but it can still deliver a kick at times.

Critical has been developed over an extended duration by combining the best of the Afghani and Skunk #1 strains, the latter of which is famous for the incredible sense of euphoric happiness it delivers. Critical produces a high which is slightly dialled down in comparison, usually consisting of a sedative-like overwhelming sense of happiness combined with a relaxed body. It has an earthy, sweet taste and a pungent, earthy aroma.

Critical is easy to grow, has a shorter flowering period than many other strains and flowers in just 7 – 8 weeks. The plants of this strain grow tall and are indica-dominant hybrids (60% indica, 40% sativa).

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Final Thoughts

The top five cannabis strains in the UK today are at the top of their respective games: whether the insanely powerful high delivered by GG and Bruce Banner; the relaxing, overtly medicinal capacities of Blue Cheese; the motivational and social White Widow; or the reliability and high yield delivered by Critical – British cannabis consumers know exactly what they want and which strains best cater to these.

There was one surprising result of our research worth noting: the sudden fall from grace of the Zkittlez strain, which dominated the UK market only a couple of years ago. Distinguishable from the other strains on this list due to its focus-enhancing, yet uplifting effect, it remains to be seen whether Zkittlez will reappear in the UK top five in the future.

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