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Top 5 Cannabis Strains That Do Not Smell

top 5 cannabis strains that do not smell
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Top 5 Cannabis Strains That Do Not Smell

If you’re a grower, you’ve definitely heard the comment “it smells like weed here” countless times.

Growing your own plants is quite rewarding but not an option for everyone as in certain countries it is illegal to grow the plant. But for those lucky countries where residents can cultivate their own dank, there are still issues with plants that kick off too much stink. It’s hard to keep the pungent skunky smell of cannabis plants and buds under wraps.

The smell of cannabis is also easily recognizable which makes it even harder to grow weed and maintain a low profile while doing it. Fortunately, as most stoners know, low odour strains provide an easier and stealthier way to grow cannabis under the radar.

In this post, we look at some of the best low odour cannabis strains that can be grown without fear of attracting unwelcome attention.

low odour strains

Behold, our Top 5 Strains for Keeping Smell to a Minimum

There are many low odour cannabis strains that can be cultivated indoors but keep in mind that a strain that literally doesn’t smell is yet to be developed, so all plants in existence will at least smell a tiny bit.

Each cannabis strain produces some smell because of the naturally occurring terpenes. However, the strains discussed below have a far less powerful scent or produce a different scent that is not the typical smell of weed.

Northern Lights

This is the ultimate low Odour cannabis strain for stealth indoor growing. It’s a popular choice for beginner indoor growers due to it being very easy to cultivate.

The strain produces a less distinctive spicy and earthy aroma with slight fruity undertones, especially when smoked. It has a generic smell while growing that most people would not easily associate with weed.

It has over 20% THC content and produces a high yield within 7 to 9 weeks. Northern Lights is a solid plant that people can rely on to continue growing low odour cannabis.

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Northern Lights

Blue Mystic

Similar to Papaya, Blue Mystic is another cannabis strain that produces a subtle fruity smell instead of the typical skunky scent of weed.

Blue Mystic has a faint Blueberry scent with hints of lavender. Besides the seemingly innocent smell, Blue Mystic delivers a relaxing and happy high that some people claim is ideal for pain relief, stress relief, insomnia, and nausea.

Blue Mystic is a top contender for stealth grows as it has an 8 to 9 week flowering period and produces a very nice yield of high quality bud.

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blue mystic

Auto Northern Lights

Auto Northern Lights is potentially the very best low odour autoflowering cannabis strain for stealth growing. It’s an Indica dominant strain that originated from crossing over the mega famous Northern Lights with an impressive ruderalis.

Auto Northern Lights is known for delivering a strong, energetic, and uplifting effect thanks to its super high THC and natural doses of THCV – an energizing psychoactive cannabinoid.

What makes Auto Northern Lights great for stealth growing is its almost odourless nature. Its flowers have a sweet pine smell during flower, there are no strong skunky aromas which makes it a blessing for many people.

The strain has long and dark buds with orange hairs and trichomes. It’s a beginner friendly strain that’s also strong enough for all uses including medicinal, overall productivity, creativity, and recreation.

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auto northern lights

Giant Bud

Giant bud is a high yielding low smelling strain that is favoured by many people due to its reliability, power, and stealthy odour.

It’s also popular for its energizing effects that leave you completely calm and relaxed. Giant Bud comes from crossing over an exceedingly high production Northern Lights and Critical Mass. The resulting genetics could not be better for those wanting a low smelling high yielding strain! The strain packs high THC levels which is very apparent early in flowering. The buds are bright green and dense with orange hairs.

Another thing that makes Giant Bud a perfect choice for indoor growers, besides the subtle scent, is that it has a short flowering period. During the end of flower is when all cannabis plants smell the most, so saving a few weeks makes this strain even more appealing.

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giant bud

Green Crack

The Green Crack strain is derived from Skunk #1 but does not carry any of the strong smell that the former parent bears. The genetics include both Indica and Sativa but the plant does often show more Sativa attributes.

Along with having a very low scent, many indoor growers also love it because of its small size and tight bud formation. It has a medium to high THC content that delivers a mentally uplifting and physically relaxing effect.

Green crack can get a little taller than average but does produce high yields with very little smell. The buds are top quality and are enjoyed by connoisseurs all over the globe.

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green crack

What Gives Marijuana Its Distinctive Smell?

The distinctive smell of weed comes from terpenes, which are compounds that occur naturally in the cannabis plant.

However, terpenes exist in different combinations, which is what gives each strain a unique smell. Terpenes are a pain when a grower wants to keep their growth discreet but they are responsible for the sweet aroma loved by most consumers.

They also help when choosing a cannabis strain best tailored to someone’s growing and smoking needs. If someone wanted to grow weed that doesn’t smell, then they would start by looking for a strain with the least smelling terpenes.

Why Grow Cannabis with Low or No Odour?

For most people, keeping the smell of their cannabis to a minimum is a necessary step in avoiding certain consequences of growing and smoking marijuana.

The finished product of marijuana is very valuable and sought after in all countries. Many thieves often try to steal the product and they often find the location through the strong smell that the buds give off during the end of the flowering phase. It will always be necessary to find ways to keep your plants away from prying eyes and noses and controlling the scent is the first step to keeping your crop safe.

The best solution is to grow cannabis strains that are less pungent. You would be surprised by the number of cannabis strains that don’t have a strong smell or produce scents not typically associated with cannabis.

Final Thoughts

So those are the best five options when it comes to low odour strains. All of the above genetics produce much weaker smells than other types of marijuana and allow the plant’s full life cycle to be grown without attracting attention.

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