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Unless you've been living off-grid away from civilization, then you've probably heard about the incredible Cheese genetics. After it was first discovered in the 1980s it quickly blew up to become one of the most sought-after strains around. The legend goes that a California based grower named Sam "the Skunkman" relocated over the Netherlands, bringing with him his iconic strain, Skunk. With its quick flowering time and heavy yields, it quickly became popular, however, the serious stench of ganja associated with Skunk was a problem for many growers.

A batch of these skunk seeds found its way to the UK around 1990 and an ultra-rare phenotype sprouted! A South East England grower found that this pheno had a much different stench, a real cheesy aroma. The heavy yields and fast flowering remained the same, however, the often problematic ganja smell was gone! Clones were taking from the Cheese plant and then along came many Cheese feminized cannabis seeds. Cheese quickly became the best selling cannabis in Great Britain.

Is UK Cheese Indica or Sativa

If you have ever been lucky enough to smoke this strain then you will not be surprised to hear that Cheese is mostly Indica. Around 75% Indica and 25% Sativa, this hybrid hits fast and hard. The Sativa influence is not very apparent in the plant or buds as it remains short and bushy with wide fingered leaves and fat rocky buds.

UK Cheese strain flowering time

Along with being a very pleasent smoke with a good yield, Cheese is also a fast flowering genetic that takes just 8 weeks to finish. With so many positive traits it is no wonder that it enjoys such popularity amongst both cash croppers and serious marijuana enthusiasts.

How much does UK Cheese yield

Cheese cannabis can yield around 500 grams per square meter without any special treatment as it is beginner-friendly. Outdoors this strain can produce far more, from 1000 grams onwards depending on the climate and nutrients.

How much does UK Cheese smell

It will come as no surprise that Cheese smells like cheese! However, it is a much danker smell with skunky undertones.

Cheese seeds are extremely versatile and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. They are fast to flower, they yield heavy, and they are beginner-friendly. With such attractive traits, it is clear why Cheese marijuana is so popular in the UK and beyond.

More Information
Smell LevelAverage
FlavourSpicy cheese, Musty
Flowering8 - 9 Weeks
Seeds GeneticsOld Skunk #1 x Afghani #1
Indica / Sativa75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Seeds Genotype70% Indica \ 30% Sativa
SuitabilityIndoor, Outdoor
Yield500 gr/m2
BreederDark Wizard Genetics
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Customer Questions
What lineage is Cheese from

Cheese is an ultra rare Skunk pheno which was originally not available in seed form, it was clone only.

Our cheese cannabis seeds are from the closest linage from the previously clone only strain. All of the popular and much wanted traits from the original cheese has been kept intact. Legend has it that this strain originated from Great Britain which for obvious reasons is a rare addition to the cannabis community! This was back when people in the UK could legally cultivate for personal use (This is not currently the case in the year 2020). This strain is now enjoyed all over the world and is a popular choice in all Amsterdam coffee shops.

What does Cheese cannabis look like

Cheese plants are unique from skunk in many ways, even just visually you can admire the differently formed tight calyxes and super dense bud growth that cheese has to offer. The smell is also much different than it's sibling, it gives a much more subtle and musty smell which many collectors prefer. The plant is small in height and loves to branch out, as many indicas do. Dark green fan leaves with thick fingers are found in abundance all over the plant.

Is Cheese easy to grow

If you're looking to collect a seed that can be easy to grow, then Cheese is for you. It is a strong indica based beauty that does not require as much care as other strains. This strain has so much to offer including a relatively fast flowering time that usually takes around 8 weeks to finish. The original Cheese is a clone only but many breeders have taken the clone and bred it with less dominating indica strains, in order to maintain it's cheesy properties. The THC levels of cheese range around 14 - 16%, whilst not the highest in our catalog it has plenty of other genetic make-up giving it a strong effect for all smokers.

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that our cannabis seeds are sold purely for souvenir collecting. Germination is illegal.
These statistics, characteristic traits and time cycles are purely for educational purposes and genetic preservation.