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Our OG kush cannabis seeds are some of the truest genetics around. They have been bred from a lineage that comes from the most ancient of cannabis plants that are native to the Hindu Kush mountain range located on the borders of Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. Strains from this ancient heritage site have been used to breed some of the most famous marijuana strains in the world.

OG Kush cannabis seeds are always a popular choice amongst collectors due to the recognition of the word 'kush'. Anyone who has been around the business will see this word as an instant sign of high quality. These genetics have been developing naturally within Afghanistan for well over 1000 years, it is one of the first strains that breeders started to sell. With this strain being such a highly favoured seed there are now many stable variations available, they are well known for being reliable in multiple areas such as stability and yield, they are also known for having a lower level of smell (unless crossed over with a different strain).

Why you should shop with Sticky Seeds

We are a go-to-shop for the finest Kush seeds delivered right to your door. Our selection of cannabis seeds includes premium, authentic varieties sourced from the best breeders. The Kush strain is quite familiar in the cannabis community for a number of reasons.
These strains are relaxing for both the body and the brain.

We source some of the highest quality genetics that dates back centuries to the Hindu Kush mountains. We bring to you the most stable genetics to offer something that is truly dependable.

Where did OG Kush come from

There is quite a bit of debate about the true origins on these OG Kush cannabis seeds. Some people think OG Kush is purely a unique phenotype of ChemDawg whilst others claim it to of come from a Hindu Kush cross. No matter where she came from, she is one of the most well-known strains of kush on Earth and is one of the most demanded strains in America.

Kush seeds are popular for their heavy euphoria, but a lot of the buzz came from rappers who often mentioned the potent and unique strain in their raps.

Statistics for OG Kush Seeds

Yields are normally around 400 - 450 grams per square meter.

The flowering phase lasts around 8 to 9 weeks and crystal levels are impressive.

Quibbles aside, all of us can agree that OG Kush is a special species with incredible unique flavours. Reports state that she has flowers smothered with resin and a gnarly lemon, citrus aroma.

Kush plants feature general characteristics like short cultivation and flowering times, dark green large leaves, short stems, and large buds. Vibrant orange pistils complement colourful flowers. Buds covered in trichomes have a sticky, silvery appearance. Properly cured buds have a musty, earthy scent while opening the bud gives a pine-like odor.

The smoke from Kush is generally harsh and tastes spicy and hashy like an Indica. The pungent taste lingers for sometime after the joint is exhausted. Kush can be grown indoors as well as outdoors with indoor growing being more convenient.

Plants are bushy and short in height between 2-3.5 feet. Kush plants flower within 9 weeks and growers can expect a yield of about 45 grams per square feet. The pungent odour means growers interested in isolating the odors should get carbon filters. Some varieties of Kush have resistance to pests and diseases. Therefore, these are robust plants that don’t demand special care.

More Information
Smell LevelAverage
Flavourgnarly lemon, Citrus, Pine, Fruity
Flowering8 - 9 Weeks
Seeds GeneticsHindu Kush
Indica / Sativa75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Seeds GenotypeHybrid
SuitabilityIndoor, Outdoor
Yield400 gr/m2
BreederDark Wizard Genetics
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Customer Questions
What does the OG in OG Kush mean

The 'OG' in OG Kush stands for Ocean Grown, however, there has always been a big debate about this abbreviation. Some people claim it stands for 'Original Gangster' but it is mostly agreed upon that it means Ocean Grown.

Effects of Kush Cannabis Strain

A legendary strain among Indica fans, Kush is a great choice for somebody looking for deep relaxation. The high is more focused on the head than the body. It begins with a headrush making the user more creative and focused.
Colors and sounds get intensified and this alteration of senses gives a mood upliftment that takes you towards euphoria. Focus is not so enhanced like Sativas but rather a versatile effect that adjusts to the user’s mindset.
The mix of mood upliftment and stimulation makes this strain great for parties, conversations, and social gatherings. It is also an amazing strain to get better at activities involving mind and body like exercise and video games.
Most users find this marijuana leaving them happy and relaxed, often ending with a body-numbing couch lock. Because of uplifting and energizing effects, Kush is best suitable for daytime or evening use though it depends on the user’s needs.

Medical uses of Kush

The Kush cannabis strain is reported to have a variety of medical applications. It can be used to get temporary relief from depression and anxiety. Due to its ability to enhance focus, it can be helpful to those who suffer from attention-related disorders.
It can also help relieve migraines and headaches. This strain is also used to treat conditions like pain, nausea, loss of appetite and stress. Kush is also a great choice for easing pain because your aching joints and muscles can relax when the strain gives couch-lock effects.
Some patients also report benefits for symptoms of PTSD and bi-polar disorder. Its stomach-calming effect can help treat nausea induced by a number of conditions including chemotherapy. However, like other Sativas, Kush can cause paranoia when used in higher doses.

*All of these medicinal claims are not proven, do not use them as facts.

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that our cannabis seeds are sold purely for souvenir collecting. Germination is illegal.
These statistics, characteristic traits and time cycles are purely for educational purposes and genetic preservation.