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What is the best way to store Cannabis Seeds?

how to store cannabis seeds
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What is the best way to store Cannabis Seeds?

Storing cannabis seeds correctly is absolutely crucial if the grower wishes to preserve the seed for potential future use. When you buy cannabis seeds at Sticky Seeds we want you to be able to preserve them long into the future, this is why we have put together this complete guide on how to store cannabis seeds.

There are a few different ways to obtain a cannabis seed. People can buy cannabis seeds through our website, find seeds in marijuana buds or they can even make cannabis seeds from breeding plants together. No matter how a person has obtained their seed, they ought to be storing cannabis seeds correctly in order to maintain germination rates.

So for all the marijuana seed collectors out there, here are some quick tips on the best way to store cannabis seeds for long term viability.

Where to store Cannabis Seeds

The best place to store cannabis seeds is in a sealed container placed in a cool dark place along with some silica gel. It is important that in this location the temperatures do not change or fluctuate.

One of the best places to store cannabis seeds is in a freezer. A fridge works too, however, opening the fridge door causes a sudden change of temperature which is bad for your cannabis seeds, so we recommend using a freezer. You can place the storage container under a bag of peas to help maintain the temperature when the freezer is opened.

Before heading into the freezer, the cannabis seeds should be first sealed in an airtight lunch box container. This is the type of method used at the Svalbard Seed Bank – A multi-million pound project dedicated to the long-term storage of seeds, so you can rest assure that this method is the best for storing your cannabis seeds! Using the freezer method can keep the cannabis seeds alive for over 5 years.

For short-term storage, you can simply keep your seeds in a dark cool place such as a draw or cupboard. This method is fine when storing seeds for just a few months. Anything longer than this requires a more thorough storage solution.

how to store cannabis seeds

So now you know how to keep cannabis seeds healthy for longer. But what makes the freezer the best place for them? Below we will detail the most destructive conditions that create a hostile environment for your marijuana seed collection.


What to avoid when storing your cannabis seeds

The biggest threats to your cannabis seed are temperature, moisture and light. These 3 demons need to be kept under control in order to sustain your collection for longer.


High temperatures will quickly destroy the seed and render it useless. When it comes to temperatures we want the cannabis seeds to remain cool. Frozen is even better for longevity! But there is still another issue to remember, temperature fluctuation. If the seeds keep undergoing rapid temperature changes then they will deteriorate faster.

Why you should not store your cannabis seeds in the fridge

You should avoid keeping your cannabis seeds in the fridge. Many collectors keep their collection in a fridge, which keeps them nice and cool but there is two serious issues with this method of storing cannabis seeds. Every time the door opens there is a dramatic temperature change, which creates the fluctuation we need to avoid. Also, the fridge light will come on which is another demon we are trying to avoid! Wrapping some fabric around the seed container can eliminate this second issue, but the first remains.

Moisture Levels

We need to avoid high levels of humidity in order to keep our cannabis seeds fresher for longer. Not only will high levels of moisture damage the lifespan of your seed collection, but it could even germinate your seed; which is illegal here in the UK and would result in you breaking the law. So for both legal and preservation reasons, we definitely need to avoid moisture and humidity. Always ensure that your cannabis seeds are fully dry before preparing them for storage. If your cannabis seeds came from pollinated buds grown outdoors, then you need to give them a few days in a room temperature environment to ensure they are fully dry before placing them into storage. Placing a sachet is silica gel along with your seeds is highly recommended.


No matter whether you want a short term or long term storage solution for your cannabis seeds, it is absolutely crucial that you keep them in a dark place away from light. Too much light coming into contact with your cannabis seeds will rapidly deteriorate them and cause them to expire much faster. Once your cannabis seeds are in an airtight sealed bag or box, you can wrap some thick cloth around them to ensure they stay nice and dark.


Why Long Term Storage is important

Old cannabis seeds that have not been stored correctly will expire and become unusable, leaving the collector with nothing but an empty shell!

At online shops such as ourselves, we offer bulk discount on high quantity orders. It is advantageous for collectors to make use of these cheap prices for a multitude of reasons. Once a collector places a large order they can stop depending on third-party sources and make use of their own collection rather than waiting for deliveries and restocks etc. To take advantage of this your cannabis seeds need to be looked after properly in a long-term storage environment such as the ones listed within this article.



So now you can successfully increase the shelf life of your cannabis seeds and keep them alive for longer. You know where to store them and what conditions are dangerous to them. Following this guide will enable you to correctly preserve your favourite genetics long into the future by giving your cannabis seeds maximum shelf life.

In the UK germinating cannabis seeds is currently illegal, this guide on how to store cannabis seeds is strictly for informational purposes or for use where growing cannabis is legal.

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