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2 Week Veg then Flower Growing Method

2 week veg and flower
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2 Week Veg then Flower Growing Method

For growers who are looking for a quick turnaround but do not want to use autoflower seeds, a 2 week veg and then flower is the next best thing.

There are some growers who even do 12/12 flowering light cycle from seed, but most would agree that a 2 week veg is a better option for most people as the plant will not flower until it reaches a certain size anyway.

How most people setup a 2 week veg and flower cannabis plant cycle

Many growers will opt for a fast flowering strain such as grapefruit. Pot sizes used for plants are normally between 6 – 12 litres in size. The larger the pot, the more consistent the PH and nutrient levels will be.

The reason that some growers will use a photoperiod feminized seed over an autoflower in these setups is so that they can have a reliable mother plant that they can take cuttings from for every cycle. Starting a two week veg from a rooted cutting will be far more effective than a 2 week veg from seed, but both methods will work.

Most growers will not do any training such as topping or LST. With a two week veg there is no time for the plant to recover from being topped, but the plant can still benefit from a little bit of low stress training such as tying the plant one time sightly to the side to get the side branches growing.

clones rooted before 2 weeks veg
clones rooted before 2 weeks veg

What yields can be achieved from a 2 week veg and flower setup

This depends on the strain, pot size, lights used, and overall health of the cannabis plant. But the normal yield from a 2 week veg and flower setup is between 1 – 3 ounces per plant.

2 week veg and flower vs longer veg

Some people prefer to veg their plant for much longer than two weeks. The average veg length is 4-5 weeks. The longer the plant is kept in veg the more roots the plant will have and the larger the bush will be. This will always result in a much larger yield which is why some people prefer to wait longer.

However, if a grower waits an extra 3 weeks in veg for every grow, eventually after 4 grows they will of waited an extra 12 weeks! In this time a 2 week veg could of had a whole other crop down. So overall it really depends on a persons situation as to which method is best. If a grower was only ever going to cultivate one crop, a longer veg makes a lot of sense. If it is an ongoing operation, a quick two week veg may be best.

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