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Indica Seeds

Indica Cannabis Seeds

A large portion of collectors tend to sway towards indica cannabis seeds due to the heavy hitting high that they supply. The type of high given from indica strains is the favourite amongst many as it takes the user to a relaxing, slow motion dreamland full of peace. Indica cannabis seeds are also a popular choice as it helps put the user to sleep and has great medicinal properties such as combating insomnia and anorexia.

In terms of the high effect, the difference between Indicas and Sativas shows mostly on your energy levels. Indica heavy strains are more likely to have the user resting on a sofa with a bag of crisps, whilst the latter gives a much more energetic feeling.

Indica cannabis seeds were first found around the Hindu Kush Mountains along with the famous Kush strain. Most strong Indica strains remain short, stout and bushy and sometimes show off much darker leaves due to the higher levels of chlorophyll found within them. When flowered, experts often find that Indica seeds have a much more resinous, sticky coating on the buds. This sticky layer helps to protect them from predators, it also helps to create a much more potent smoke! So humans are one predator that Indica strains will not be fighting off.

On offer below we have an impressive array of different strains including 100% indica seeds and others such as Indica Dominant seeds that have a touch of Sativa to balance them out and create a different high. Our products below have all been bred by experts with a long extensive history of breeding top quality genetics. You can rely on Sticky Seeds to only provide you with the very best seed.

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