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Things to consider when buying cannabis seeds

how to buy cannabis seeds
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Things to consider when buying cannabis seeds

Depending on the genetics of your seed the resulting plant will differ massively. Knowing where the seeds will be placed (if you are growing in a legal country, of course!) will be the biggest factor in deciding what seed you should buy. Before we help you decide on what marijuana seed to buy, here is a little background information that might possibly change everything you thought you knew about different cannabis strains.

Why You Might Not Get the Results You Want

In the year 2020 there are thousands of different seedbanks and each one offers hundreds of different strains. The choice is huge and easily becomes overwhelming. Unfortunately, even if you know the name of the cannabis seed you want to buy, you may not get the results you expect! This is because every breeder has their own version of the same strain. From breeder to breeder the results for the same strain can be very different.

For example, the “Afghan Kush” of a certain seed breeder may be completely different from the “Afghan Kush” of another breeder. This really takes away a lot of impact from genetics and throws off any medicinal values that you previously believed a strain to hold. The only way to accurately talk about a strain is to include the breeder’s name, that way we can keep track of certain traits, etc.

While this news is sad and off-putting, there is still a method to acquire the cannabis seeds you want to buy. It is not complicated and is very straight forward. Simply read the genetic characteristics (aka product description) of the variety you are interested in. Only here will you accurately learn if it is a high yielding type, or a fast flowering seed, etc.

How to Purchase the Correct Cannabis Seeds for Your Needs

Before you go any further searching for your desired cannabis seed, you first need to determine what you are really looking for. If you do not have any preferences then you can browse all of our cannabis seeds for sale and pick anything that stands out to you. But for others, here are some tips on buying cannabis seeds.

Some questions to ask yourself when collecting cannabis seeds for the first time:

Would you rather opt for medicinal value or recreational value?

Do you want a relaxation effect on the body rather than mental effects (we will speak of psychoactive effects)?

Do you prefer a smoke that relaxes the entire body, rendering you ‘couch-locked’ or would you prefer an uplifting type of high?

Do you prefer a strong and powerful effect? Or a light buzz.

Would you prefer a strain that performs better inside or outside?

Would you rather your seeds are beginner-friendly? Or more demanding seeds that are harder to look after.

Any interest in a certain taste or smell?

What about the balance of Sativa and Indica?

These are the standard questions that all product descriptions will answer, it is a great place for a new collector to start when first buying cannabis seeds.

No matter what type of genetic properties you are after, there will be a perfect choice for you somewhere. Normally you will find multiple different types of marijuana that suit your needs. There are literally thousands of different types currently for sale, and that is not including all of the private ones bred by home growers that are not found on the open market!

The choice is huge and you should have a lot of fun narrowing down your search and reading the descriptions. Only by refining your wants and needs will you locate the perfect seed.

which cannabis seeds should you buy

Breaking down the different Genetic Characteristics of Cannabis

On our website we have added detailed statistics for every seed we sell. For example, check out our White Widow cannabis seeds and take a look under ‘genetic statistics’ (or see the image above). Every product is broken down into at least 12 sections:

  • THC Level – High THC levels will give a much more powerful high.
  • CBD Level – High CBD Levels hold many different medicinal values such as reducing anxiety.
  • Type – Regular means the seed could be male of female. Feminized means the seed will be female. Autoflowering is the third type which means the plant does not rely on photoperiod light schedules.
  • Flowering Time – Quite an obvious one, this is how long the plant takes to flower. Always timed from the moment white pistons show during the flowering light schedule of 12 hours lights on and 12 hours lights off.
  • Genetics – Here we list the parent plants that were crossed over to create the strain. Some classics come straight from the wilderness and do not have known parent plants.
  • Genotype – In this section we list the ratio of Indica, Sativa and sometimes Ruderalis for the automatic versions.
  • Height – A very important value to know, the finishing height of the plant is listed here.
  • Suitability – Some plants perform much better outside than inside, and some vice versa. This is an important value to consider, however, many strains do well both indoors and outdoors.
  • Flavour – There is an incredible array of different smells contained in genetics, most users have their personal preference but this comes with experience. A very popular flavour is Blueberry.
  • Yield – Most collectors find that this is the deal breaker, high yielding seeds are often the top sellers.
  • Breeder – Reputation is everything in this game! Knowing the breeder of your cannabis seed is important.

Different cannabis genetics


So as mentioned at the start, instead of buying a cannabis seed via the strain name, it makes more sense to buy due to the product description. If you stick with a reputable breeder you will be getting accurate information about the products and finally, you can begin getting the results you expected. You can buy cannabis seeds right here at Sticky Seeds, we stock hundreds of different types and have up to date descriptions so you know what you are purchasing.

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