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Top 5 Most Popular Purple Cannabis Strains

top 5 purple cannabis strains
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Top 5 Most Popular Purple Cannabis Strains

Purple cannabis buds are distinct in appearance, ranging from the barest hint of lavender to being a deep, rich colour with the appearance of frosting. The purple evolved in response to environmental factors in the wild, particularly the climate that it grew in, although now with genetic knowledge and man-made tampering, this has been selected and enhanced through the creation of new strains. Purple is now also an appealing quirk of this group of strains as much as being associated with beneficial effects in its own right. The colour itself is due to the presence of anthocyanins, just like what you get in blueberries.

Anthocyanins are protective – they prevent the plant from withering in the cold, conserving energy. Not that this is needed so much in human cultivation, but it is bred in for other purposes. Anthocyanins also confer helpful properties such as being neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and an antioxidant – however, this is only if you bake it into a consumable. For the same anti-inflammatory effect when smoking, look for something with a high CBD content. Hardy and now exceptionally varied, purple cannabis strains are by no means one and the same when it comes to their strength, the high you get, and what benefits they provide.

best purple strains

Here are our five Most Popular Purple Cannabis Seeds

Purple Girl Scout Cookies

Bred from Purple Kush and Blue Cookies, this is a well-balanced genotype that slightly sways a little heavier into the indica side. Both of the parent plants hold a complex strain history which includes interbreeding with strains from several parts of the world. The resulting hybrid is truly a sight to behold with some incredible aromas of sweet fruit and sharp perfume. As a strain that is dominantly purple in the calyxes, it is perfect for anyone wanting a seed that can produce some proper purple buds rather than just the sugar leaves, which is what many other strains offer.

View our Purple Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

purple girl scout cookies

Purple Stardawg

Also known as ‘Purple Stardog’, this bud is the result of breeding together Stardawg and Grape Train Kush. It is the ideal combination of both parent lines with the deep relaxation of Stardawg and the happy sleepiness of Grape Train Kush. On top of that, the Stardawg strain also better adapts the resulting plant to indoor growing, meaning that it can be removed from any outdoor environmental risk factors and can continue to be among the most popular strains for years to come. With dense buds as standard, people definitely get value for money with this strain. Another trademark is it’s stoney high. In layman’s terms, this is not a complete high. It focuses on the body by primarily inducing a state of relaxation that is ideal for those with insomnia and rough nights. With a grape and berry aroma and flavour, it is as appealing as it looks. Definitely recommended for those looking for a deep, immersive sensation to their high.

View our Purple Stardawg Seeds

purple stardawg

Auto Purple Kush

An indica originating from the Oakland area of California, Purple Kush is a result of breeding together the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani strains. Hindu Kush, named after the mountain range from where it originates, confers a deep sense of calm while Purple Afghani brings in a subtle aroma and good high. With a sweet and subtle earthy scent, Purple Kush results in a sense of long-lasting euphoria. It is particularly ideal for treating pain, sleeplessness, and stress, making it a strain ideal to take at the end of the working day to ensure that you get a good night’s rest free from the burdens and discomfort of your 9 to 5.

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auto purple kush

Purple Haze

This Sativa strain has a lot of history. Made popular in the late 1960s by a Jimmy Hendrix song of the same name, its dreamy euphoria is nostalgic in quality for some, taking them back to the days when this strain first came out. Known for its head high resulting in creativity and uplifting feeling, Purple Haze has a smoke that is earthy and sweet, with a berry undertone. Some people claim that it is particularly good for medical use as it supposedly lessens pain, stress, and bodily discomfort while giving you clarity and energy. This strain is always a popular hit in any country and there is never enough to go around.

View our Purple Haze Seeds

purple haze

Auto Critical Purple

This hybrid strain is deep and resinous. She results from the combination of Auto Purple and Critical and is the ultimate choice for those seeking a high yield of purple chronic. The auto purple parent brings in potency and deep euphoria along with the awakening of creativity. The Critical lineage brings in the super large yield and production capabilities which is always quickly welcomed by all collectors. With a sweet lavender and pine scent, this will transport you to new realms of delight while rooting your body into a soothing calm state.

View our Auto Critical Purple Seeds

auto critical purple

Final Thoughts

When it comes to purple cannabis, these are the top five most popular strains that are enjoyed by both new and experienced marijuana users alike. No matter what part of the globe you are located in, you will most likely of heard of at least a couple of these strains. Even though these extra special colourful strains have been available in seed form for over a decade, they are still hugely enjoyed by the majority of users who are often shocked and excited to receive such a visually different type of marijuana.

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