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How to Fix a Clipper lighter That Sparks but Won’t Light

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How to Fix a Clipper lighter That Sparks but Won’t Light

It is no secret that the quality of clipper lighters has gone downhill. Many folks say that they have done this on purpose so they do not last as long as consumers have to buy more.

Clipper conspiracies aside, there is a common issue with the new lighters where the flint produces a spark but the gas does not ignite the flame. If you have refilled your lighter a few times it can be easy for grime and dirt to build up around the gas outlet in front of the wheel. Cleaning this will most likely fix your problem and get your clipper working smoothly again.
Some people use rubbing alcohol for this but it is dangerous as rubbing alcohol is highly flammable and your lighter could explode if you try to light it without cleaning the alcohol off!

If that does not work, try holding the gas lever down with your thumb, then spin the wheel with your other thumb to produce a spark whilst the gas is already coming out. This is the easiest workaround for all dodgy lighters that are not igniting.

If all above fails, make sure that there is actually gas in the lighter as it might need refilling! many newsagents and headshops sell gas bottles to refill lighters and it is much more eco-friendly to refill a lighter than to buy another and throw plastic away. If you want to, you can also replace the flint in your clipper and change the hexagon wheel using a nice round one from a different lighter.

Many smokers love clippers due to the black pokey stick attacked to the flint and wheel, this is a super handy tool for smokers as they can curl roaches and poke down the herb inside the joint after rolling it to help compact it making it easier to light.

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