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Top 5 Best Outdoor Cannabis Strains for the UK

top 5 strains for outdoors uk
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Top 5 Best Outdoor Cannabis Strains for the UK

Growing cannabis outdoors in the UK could be very tricky due to the short summer periods and undesirable weather. Cannabis originates from much warmer climates and enjoys long periods of sun and less harsh Autumn months. That being said, it would be possible to cultivate a successful crop here in the UK when using the correct strain and utilising a few tips found in our guide to growing cannabis outside in the UK.

What makes these five strains ideal for the UK

Below we have listed the best five strains for growing outdoors in the UK. These cannabis strains were chosen due to a few different properties that their genetics contain. The most important property is fast flowering, without this an outdoor crop in the UK would easily fail due to our short summers. Another important factor is having a strong natural resistance to pests and bud rot. Whilst these issues can be identified and overcome with the help of our plant problems page, it is better to not need it in the first place! Another factor that is a little harder to get information on is knowing how the strain would cope with less sun, we can find this information by looking at the genetics used to make the strain. If they come from less sunny areas then we know that this plant can flourish in lesser conditions.

Before we continue it is important to understand that this information is purely for preserving knowledge as growing cannabis in the UK is currently illegal and can result in a criminal record, potential fines, and even time in jail.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze Feminized Seeds
Super Silver Haze is a sativa dominant strain that is suitable for the UK climate as it can be grown and harvested within 10-12weeks and can produce huge yields when grown outdoors. The flowering phase takes around 8 to 9 weeks with good natural resistance to bud rot and other pests. That being said, a grower should always keep a very close eye on the crop for such things. Super Silver Haze is a classic strain that dates back to the 70’s is is very well known by smokers.

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Super skunk

Super Skunk Feminized Seeds
Super skunk is an indica dominant strain that can flower in just in 8-9 weeks making it an ideal candidate for a UK summer. Skunk is always incredibly popular due to the pure power and knockout smoke it produces. As an indica the buds grow fat and heavy which is great for yields but extra attention should be given towards the end of the life cycle for bud rot.

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Big Skunk

Big Skunk Feminized Seeds
Big Skunk is an indica dominant strain, it is resistant to mold, produces high yields, and can be flowered in 8 to 9 weeks. Outside is can easily produce up to 500 grams per plant when grown to size and kept healthy – although this type of yield is very weather dependant! The anti bud rot properties come from the big bud parent that is unsurprisingly known for its colossal yields and was bred to withstand mould.

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White Widow

 White Widow Feminized Seeds
No matter what country you are in, White Widow is a fan favourite and has been around since the early 90’s. Despite the age White Widow still enjoys a lot of popularity due to the mental amounts of THC that coat her buds during flower. She is an indica dominant strain and can thrive outside in the UK taking around 8 weeks to flower. White Widow has good pest resistance when kept healthy and green but a spray of neem oil during veg always helps to keep pests away. While both parent plants are from very hot sunny places the strain is documented to perform well in less adequate conditions.

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Blue Dream auto

Blue Dream Feminized Seeds
Blue dream auto is a sativa dominant strain, it takes around 11 weeks to grow from seed to harvest and can produce up to 75 grams per plant. When started inside 4 weeks before the hottest part of the year a lot can be accomplished with Automatic Blue Dream! Many outside growers in the UK prefer the auto version due to the faster flowering time which would be very beneficial for our short summers. This strain is incredibly tasty and is often sold out in coffee shops across the globe.

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Critical Plus

Critical Plus Feminized Seeds
Critical Plus is an indica monster that is known to take approximately 7 to 8 weeks to flower. Whilst mostly known for lots of branching and heavy yields, Critical Plus still brings some high quality buds to the table that are enjoyed by plenty. Another huge benefit to this strain is the lack of smell, which many people find an advantage when living in more populated areas.

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So there we have it, five fantastic strains to pick from that can produce more than adequate yields of quality sensimilla with a less suited climate for growing cannabis. With a few tips, such as starting the plant inside a little earlier in the season, a lot more can be achieved within the UK climate. Check out our ultimate guide for growing outdoors in the UK for more golden tips that will boost the plants health, size and overall yield.

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