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Decarbing Weed in an Oven

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Decarbing Weed in an Oven

The process of decarbing weed in an oven is incredibly simple. However, the amount of incorrect information on the Internet makes this once simple process very confusing and frustrating.

When searching online there are many different oven temperatures and times for decarbing. For someone trying to decarb weed using an oven for the first time, this will often make no sense at all. But there is a reason for all of the different data.

You can actually decarb weed at a whole range of temperatures from 80 Celcius (176 Fahrenheit) to 145 Celcius (293 Fahrenheit). But the time the weed is left in the oven will differ greatly and this is the most important part of the process to get right.

What are the best Temperatures and Times to Decarb Cannabis

As mentioned above, there is a wide range of different temps and times as there are several different settings that can be used to decarb cannabis successfully. We recommend using an oven thermometer as many ovens’ temperature settings are just approximate and not exact.

The best temperature and times to decarb depend on your desired results. There is evidence that a lower temperature combined with a longer period of time creates a much more sedative effect for the user as it converts significant amounts of THC to CBN.

Here are three different recipes to decarb weed for different effects.

  • High CBN (more sedative)
  • 100 Celcious for 90 minutes

  • Average of both CBN & THC
  • 115 Celcious for 40 minutes

  • High THC
  • 145 Celcious for 10 minutes (if you leave the weed longer than this it will degrade rapily and become useless – use this setting with caution!)

Below you can see a graph that dictates a general oven temperature and time schedule with an average THC content that will be left in the herb. Using a strain with high THC content such as grape ape will always result in a more potent result.

decarb weed times temps

Can you use a fan oven to decarb weed

Yes, you can use a fan oven but it is best to turn the fan setting off if possible. If the fan can not be turned off then use a roasting bag (as mentioned below) to protect the weed from the fan.

Tips and Tricks to Decarb Cannabis like a pro

Using an oven roasting bag is a great trick to help stop both the oven and house stinking of cannabis. Make sure that the oven roasting bag does not contain any seasoning and has not been used previously. Place the ground herbs in the bag and seal or fold it depending on the design. Once the process has finished allowing the bag to cool down before opening it.

roasting bag weed


So like many different activities in life, there are several variations on how a person can decarb cannabis using an oven. Using the settings listed above in this article can create perfectly balanced decarbonization to get weed ready for edibles or anything else. This process is crucial before making edibles and should never be skipped unless using AVB as this is already decarbed in the vape when used.

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