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Stop a PH Pen from going crazy

ph meter going crazy
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Stop a PH Pen from going crazy

There are many different brands of PH pens ranging in price and quality. From time to time even the more expensive ph pens can go crazy and show a very different reading every second. Whilst it is always a good idea to keep the instruction book, many of us do not do this – but if you did, give it a read for problem-solving and maintenance tips. Here is a quick list of things to help fix a broken PH Meter.

3 Steps for Fixing the PH Pen

Check the probe or sensor at the very bottom that dips into the water. It will likely have a hard crust of nutrient solution that has dried onto it. Every time you use your ph pen you should dip it into a buffer solution to remove any nutrients and stop them from drying on the probe. (dipping in tap water does not work as well as buffer solution as there are often several chemicals present in tap water)

Change the batteries even if it does not state they are low.

Recalibrate it using a new set of buffer solutions.


If none of the above steps rectify the issue then you are going to need a new PH Pen or a new probe to replace the damaged one that is likely to be causing the fluctuating readings.

Ensure you maintain the new tool by cleaning the probe in buffer solution after every use. Some people leave buffer solution in the cap of the pen to ensure the probe is constantly immersed in liquid to stop it from drying out.

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