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Purple Stardawg Seeds – A Complete Guide

Stardawg is one of the marijuana strains which have recently gained a lot of popularity among medical as well as recreational users. It is a highly potent strain in the line of the legendary Chemdawg#4.

In the past few months, a number of phenotypes of this strain has been introduced, one of which is Purple Stardawg. This particular phenotype features a unique coloration and takes the Stardawg genetics in its own direction to offer enthusiasts an all-new option. Let us learn more about this strain today so that you know how you can grow and use it.

An indica-dominant hybrid coming from two phenomenal marijuana parents, Purple Stardawg is essentially a phenotype of Stardawg. It bears all the attributes that makes Stardawg such a favourite of weed enthusiasts. It features a dense coating of trichomes with a purple hue to make it visually appealing.

This top-shelf cannabis strain is obtained by breeding Stardawg and Grape Train Kush. This is a strain that is not so easy to find. Though it is not an award-winning cannabis, its genetics produce a high-quality indica.

Purple Stardawg has a pungent, complex smell which feels like Sasquatch trying to ignite a fire with lighter fluid in a wet forest. Earthy, diesel, funky and piney are some of the aromas that describe this strain.

The perfume would definitely impress regular weed users but might seem unfamiliar to somebody who is new. It smells much of Stardawg. The profile is oddly, sour, fruity and piney that users would love to experience. Though it focuses on the relaxing body high, it is the flavour and aroma of the strain that impress users. The visual appeal is hard to resist and attracts both recreational users as well as patients.

Purple Stardawg can be grown indoors as well as outdoors though it is easier in a controlled, indoor environment. It is an excellent strain for intermediate growers. The growing process can be somewhat tricky and need a lot of attention. The flowering time for this strain is somewhat longer around 8-10 weeks. However, it is worth waiting because it gives a nice yield when harvested.

More Information
Smell LevelAverage
FlavourCitrus, Lemon
Flowering8 - 9 Weeks
Seeds GeneticsStardawg x Grape Train Kush
Indica / SativaMostly Indica
Seeds GenotypeMostly Indica
SuitabilityIndoor, Outdoor
Yield500 gr/m2
BreederDark Wizard Genetics
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Customer Questions
Purple Stardawg Vs Stardawg

Stardawg is a Sativa-dominant hybrid obtained from a cross between Tres Dawg and Chemdawg 4. Purple Stardawg is a child strain of Stardawg crossed with Grape Train Kush and results in an Indica-dominant hybrid. THC levels in Stardawg are anywhere between 16-22 percent while it is lower in Purple Stardawg and averages 15 to 18%.

Both the strains have similar flavour and aroma. However, Purple Stardawg has a slightly more common flavour and is more subtle during the flowering phase. Stardawg can be too strong a smell for certain operations.

Being Sativa-dominant, Stardawg hits fast and creates a buzzing head high that boosts creative thinking. It induces mind-altering effects, euphoria and mood upliftment. It affects the body slightly and gives some relaxation. On the other hand, Purple Stardawg is Indica-dominant and known for its extreme body-high. It induces the feeling of relaxation and pain relief throughout the body. It also makes the person feel hungry. Medical patients can use Stardawg for symptoms of stress, anxiety and fatigue while Purple Stardawg can be useful for pain relief and appetite loss.

Both the strains can be cultivated indoors as well as outdoors and give a huge yield. While Stardawg flowers in about 8 weeks, it can take a little longer for Purple Stardawg, normally an extra 7 days.

Purple Stardawg Effects

Purple Stardawg is a premium indica strain featuring a combination of genetics. It is famous for its intense body high though it does not have a mega high THC content. Purple Stardawg has a lower THC content than it's parent, it averages around 15 to 18 percent.

Having a lower potency makes it great for those who want recovery from workout strain or those who would like to take a daytime nap. This strain is known to deliver an extreme body high. Even though it has a medium THC content, it causes effects like hunger, sleep and euphoria. Purple Stardawg is an excellent choice for those who want to deal with insomnia, appetite loss, or anxiety without feeling too crazy. It boosts creativity, relaxation, and hunger.

Purple Stardawg also provides mental relaxation and takes away negative thoughts from the mind. It is an amazing mood lifter and can make somebody euphoric and happy for a good few hours. It reduces stress and helps manage anxiety and depression. It can prove to be helpful to people suffering from chronic pain.

Apart from alleviating pain symptoms, it helps deal with nausea and bloating. As the effects of the strain subside, you start feeling hungry. This makes it ideal for people interested in improving their appetite. This potent strain provides the relief you need to remain active and creative throughout the day. Some users say it is a great companion for video games and movies. Though there are not many adverse effects of Purple Stardawg, the most common are cottonmouth and dry eyes. Some consumers have reported effects like dizziness, fatigue, and sedation.

Is Purple Stardawg Indica Or Sativa

Purple Stardawg is obtained by cross-breeding Stardawg and Grape Train Kush. This makes Purple Stardawg an Indica dominant strain. Stardawg is a parent of Purple Stardawg which comes from a Sativa Tres Dawg and a hybrid Chemdawg 4. The cross between these strains makes Stardawg a Sativa-dominant strain. However, Purple Stardawg is an Indica as it comes from the breed between a hybrid and Indica strain. It is less potent and THC levels are not so high. Consumers report experiences of a heavy body high often leading to sleepiness and sedation. A lot of people use this Indica strain to aid sleep while others use it to get relief from stress. As the effects wear down, people report a feeling of hunger. It is an excellent strain for those who want a feeling of relaxation and some good sleep.

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