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Sativa Seeds

Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Our beautiful range of powerful Sativa cannabis seeds are sure to impress every collector worldwide. We have many different options for sale including 100% sativa cannabis seeds along with different balances that include Indica influences created through cross-breading projects. Sativa strains are often taller than their counterparts and change the users energy to a much more uplifting and energetic high. Many tribes prefer sativa strains due to the ‘tuned in’ feeling once tends to feel. This makes it easier to connect with higher powers for a more spiritual experience.

Sativa cannabis seeds are just as strong as other types, there is a lot of false information that states that sativas offer a weaker high; this is simply not true. At least it is not true when you buy sativa cannabis seeds at a reputable shop such as Sticky Seeds. Our sativa dominant seeds are tried and tested by professionals who have ensured that every marijuana seed delivers the very best sativa genetics. These strains work great for collectors who wish to preserve a seed that can deliver a powerful high that does not get in the way of daily and recreational activities.

The visual aspects of the sativa plant differ quite a lot. They often grow taller and have very noticeably different leaves. The fingers of the leaf are much narrower and longer when compared to other types. The buds often take a little more time to flower and the buds are longer and somewhat candle shaped in comparison.

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