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How to easily make money in the cannabis industry – 100% legal

making money in cannabis industry legal
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How to easily make money in the cannabis industry – 100% legal

We already have many previous customers working with us who are earning big money on a weekly basis. There are two different ways that you can begin your side hustle and start making good money.

You can either place a wholesale order with us and sell the seeds to people you know / market stalls, or you can join our affiliate system (it is free to sign up) and start earning 20% of every order you bring us. Read below to find out more!

Make money on cannabis seeds by ordering wholesale

Did you know that at Sticky Seeds we offer wholesale cannabis seeds to the public? With a minimum wholesale order of just £500, you will receive a whole range of prepackaged strains that you can easily sell for high profit.

You can legally buy our seeds cheap at wholesale prices from us and then sell them on market stalls, at the pub, on social networking websites, or even just to your friends. We can prepackage our seeds for you in quantities as low as 3 seeds per pack.

There is a lot of money to be made with cannabis seeds and we offer a complete solution with next-day delivery, there is no other seedbank that makes it as quick and easy as us! Even if you struggle to sell all of the seeds you buy, the worse case is that you have a lot of seeds purchased at a bargain price for your personal collection!

Selling cannabis seeds in the UK is 100% legal as long as you are selling them as souvenirs / collectible items.

If you are interested in placing a bulk order please click here

legal ways to make money with cannabis

Make money on cannabis seeds by using our 20% affiliate program

Another option is to work online with us by joining our affiliate system. This has zero setup costs and you do not even have to handle stock or run customer support. You basically make an account here and you will be given a unique URL. You give this URL to potential customers and when they place an order, you will get a huge 20% of the sale! So if they place a £100 order, you are given £20 into your bank account!

Making videos like ‘how to germinate a seed’ gets thousands of views per month. If you drop your affiliate link (and mention our cheap prices) in a video like this you are sure to get sales and start generating a passive income.


So above are two super easy ways to make money in the cannabis industry. With the wholesale option, there is a small investment to get started – but the second option using our affiliate system is fully free with zero start up costs. To place an order or to ask any questions, use the contact form on our website here.

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