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2 plants in one pot

2 plants in one pot
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2 plants in one pot

Whether a grower has put 2 autoflowers or two feminized seeds in one pot, it will result in the same situation. For many people, this may happen as a mistake, but some growers actually do this on purpose. Read on as we discuss both the benefits of doing this along with ways to rectify the potential issues that can arise from multiple plants in a pot.

What to do if there are two plants in one pot

Some growers prefer to plant multiple seeds in one large pot, but most prefer a single plant per pot. If someone has accidentally planted more than one seed in a pot, then they have two options.

Option #1

They can remove one of the plants from the pot, ideally, the smaller weaker looking of the two. But they should not simply pull the seedling or plant out as the roots could be tangled around the other plant. Instead, cut the plant at the bottom of the stem so it can not grow anymore.

Option #2

Using string the grower can pull the plants to opposite sides of the pot as they grow taller, keeping space between them. This stops one plant from shadowing the other and allows them to grow equally.
2 plants in 1 pot

Can you grow more than one cannabis plant in a single pot?

Yes, two or more plants can grow together in a single pot, but they will share the root space and not necessarily give a higher yield than a single plant.

Are there any benefits of growing more than one plant per pot

Yes, some growers put multiple seeds in each pot to save time on the vegetative stage. Instead of growing one large plant over 4 weeks, a grower can grow 2 smaller plants that equal around the same size in around 2 – 3 weeks. However, some people feel this achieves lower quality buds as the plant doesn’t get time to mature as much before flower. There is also a little more work tying the plants away from each other to prevent one being dwarfed in the shadow of the other.

two-cannabis plants in single pot

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