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Comparing the price of bulk cannabis seeds

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Comparing the price of bulk cannabis seeds

There are several different reasons why a person may be looking to buy bulk cannabis seeds, but no matter the reason, the most common determinator is the price per seed. But for a savvy buyer, the lowest price is not always the best price as quality and the reputation of the business are far more important. But can you get the best of both worlds? Yes, you can! Read on to view our price comparison of all popular seedbanks, including ourselves, crossed with reviews and prices on all bulk deals.

Before you decide on which company to use for your purchase you should check our guide on how to buy quality bulk seeds without getting ripped off.

Below we will compare prices between us (Sticky Seeds) and some other suppliers of bulk cannabis seeds.


Company Sticky Seeds Gorilla Attiude
Price per 50 seeds £170 £299.99 £299.99
Trustpilot Rating 4.6 / 5 4.6 / 5 (Facebook) 4.1 / 5

And there you have it, Sticky Seeds is the best choice when it comes to a mixture of price, reliability, and quality! You can view our bulk & wholesale cannabis seeds here.

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