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Blue Mystic Seeds - A Complete Guide

Blue Mystic is a fierce cannabis plant that came around when an original Northern Lights was crossed over with a Blueberry plant. This Indica dominant species has enjoyed a lot of popularity for a few different reasons, but mostly it is a fan favourite due to the incredibly low smell it produces during its life cycle.

Blue Mystic seeds are perfect for stealth setups due to the plant remaining small, creating a minimal scent, and delivering powerful buds with high amounts of THC.


Blue Mystic Overview

We always recommend Blue Mystic to many collectors as it is a very sturdy plant that is easy to care for. The cured flowers have a unique spicy wood smell that could easily remain in your memory for a life time.

How much does Blue Mystic yield

Yields can be expected to reach around 425 grams per square meter with the right conditions. This is a decent yield that delivers a powerful sedative flower that is enjoyed by many smokers around the world. When placed outdoors yields can be much higher, depending on many environmental factors.

How Long does Blue Mystic take to Flower

Once white pistons show, flowering takes around 8 to 9 weeks to fully ripen and reach full potential in terms of yield and effect. The smell during flower is very subtle and not your ordinary skunky smell, making it a top contender for stealth setups.

Blue Mystic Appearance

This much loved strain remains small and bushy with lots of strong side branching, which is no surprise with 80% Indica dominant genetics. The fan leaves are extra thick with super wide fingers, often the leaves will be a very dark green compared to other strains.

How Tall is Blue Mystic

Blue Mystic should not exceed 1 meter in height when grown indoors, whilst outdoors it can grow over 2 meters in a nice sunny climate. Thanks to its small size it works well in tight spaces for stealth setups. But given more room, it will repay the nurturer with a very nice yield of solid sticky buds.

How does Blue Mystic Smell

Blue Mystic has a surprisingly subtle smell when you consider one of the parents is a Blueberry. While some people could be disappointed to hear that Blue Mystic lacks a scent, others will be most pleased as sometimes a strong stench can cause some serious issues! This strain is listed in our top 5 strains that have low odour and is a popular choice for many collectors that visit our store.

More Information
Smell LevelLow
FlavourSpicy Wood
Flowering9 - 10 Weeks
Seeds GeneticsBlueberry x Northern Light
Indica / Sativa80% Indica / 20% Sativa
SuitabilityIndoor, Outdoor
Yield400 gr/m2
BreederDark Wizard Genetics
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