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Can you buy cannabis seeds on Amazon

cannabis seeds and amazon
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Can you buy cannabis seeds on Amazon

If you have thought about purchasing cannabis seeds online, you may have thought about using Amazon to do so. There are a few factors to take into consideration, this may include whether it’s legal or illegal to buy and sell cannabis seeds on Amazon, where else you can legally purchase seeds, and how to ensure you buy the best quality cannabis seeds, most suited to your needs.

Are Cannabis seeds sold on Amazon?

Although it seems like Amazon is the go to marketplace for almost anything, they do not currently sell cannabis seeds or cannabis products. Amazon also does not sell CBD products, as the site prohibits the sale of any product that contains a controlled substance. On occasion, a person may list one of these products and even get a few sales, but once the Amazon staff finds the listing it will be closed down and the seller’s account will be banned for life.

Cannabis seeds are legal to buy and possess in many countries and states, however, Amazon must work within federal laws. The federal law states that it is illegal to sell and germinate cannabis seeds.

Amazon’s policy states that they do not sell any products containing a controlled substance. The federal law classes cannabis in any form as a controlled substance. Amazon will only start to sell cannabis seeds and related products if the federal laws change.

Where can you legally purchase cannabis seeds?

There are many reputable online seedbanks that can ship seeds worldwide, right here at Sticky Seeds we have a variety of strains available. Our huge variety ensures that each customer can find the best strain for their preference.



To conclude, Amazon cannot currently sell cannabis seeds legally due to federal law restrictions, however, Amazon has expressed its support for the legalisation of cannabis use and no longer conduct cannabis drug tests on their office and warehouse staff, excluding drivers.

Please also take into consideration that although cannabis seeds are legal to sell and possess in many countries, they can differ in others. Always research the laws in your region to ensure that any actions taken are done lawfully.

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice under any circumstances.

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