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How to buy quality bulk cannabis seeds

buying quality bulk seeds
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How to buy quality bulk cannabis seeds

Before you start getting to obsessed about obtaining the cheapest prices on bulk seeds, it will pay you to first think about the quality. If you are residing in a country where it is legal to grow cannabis and you want wholesale cannabis seeds to grow, then going too cheap could cost you dearly in both time and pennies.

The difference between low quality and high quality bulk seeds

No two cannabis seeds are the same and either end of the genetics spectrum differs greatly in both yield and quality. No matter how well the grower tends to the plants, bad genetic will always end with low quality herb. Look at the image below to see the difference between a low quality genetic and a high quality one.

low and high quality seed difference

As you can see, the high quality bud is dense and full whereas the low quality is mostly leaf and loose bud. Not many people would be willing to buy the low quality bud. Whilst the low quality bud is an extreme example, it can be a real life horror story when a customer buys their seeds from the wrong place.

So now that we have established the need to ensure we buy high quality genetics, let us move on to the next section where we will find ways to weed out the bad companies from the good companies.

What questions to consider before ordering your bulk cannabis seeds

So after a look online you will find several options when it comes to bulk and wholesale cannabis seeds. But the seeds each one sells often come from different places and apart from the information on the website, there is often nothing else to indicate the quality of the bulk seed. Whilst the website might have good reviews, they are often for the branded version of seeds sold so are not relevant to bulk seeds.

Are the Seeds Branded

Do the seeds have a brand name or are they just shoved in a bag without any trace of where they came from? Anyone who makes a quality product would surely want to gain future business and recognition, so if there is no brand it could be a bit risky. All of the bulk seeds sold here at Sticky Seeds are produced from Dark Wizard Genetics, they also produce many of our small packs of seeds which have a fantastic reputation within our industry.

How cheap is too cheap?

If the price is a lot cheaper than others, why is that? It could be old stock where the cannabis seeds having started to expire, or maybe they were not stored correctly and have died inside. To keep a level of quality there is always a cost involved and that will always reflect on the final price of the product.

comparing bulk seed quality

Comparing the Pros and Cons of High Quality Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Bigger yields
Stable genetics (less likely to hermaphrodite or become ill due to stress)
Higher potency
Higher resistance to plant problems such as pests and mold.

More expensive (We sell high quality branded wholesale cannabis seeds at some of the lowest prices)

Comparing the Pros and Cons of Low Quality Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Cheapest prices

Low potency
Terrible yield
Unstable genetics that could easily hermaphrodite
Horrendous bag appeal
Probably will smell like wet grass with ash overtones


So there you have it. There are quite a few ways listed above to help you find the best bulk seed for your buck. As we mentioned, we do sell branded bulk and wholesale cannabis seeds, you can order or simply read more about them here.

When you have ordered and have received delivery of your bulk cannabis seeds there are a few ways to tell the quality of a cannabis seed without germinating it.

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