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Do Weed Seeds Smell

do weed seeds smell
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Do Weed Seeds Smell

In the past, there have been rumours from forums such as this one that cannabis seeds give off a smell that police dogs can pick up on. Here at Sticky Seeds we sell cannabis seeds and have done for many years, so we have plenty of experience and are able to clear up this rumour.

Cannabis Seeds do not smell and police dogs are unable to distinguish them from other types of seeds. The only way a cannabis seed could give off a scent is when it is fresh from the plant and has resin or even plant matter still attached to it. If a seed still had plant matter on then yes, a dog could smell the plant matter and alert the fuzz.

Buying seeds through us is a safe bet as we always remove any plant matter and prepare our seeds correctly. We also vacuum and heat seal in foil packets so that even if there was a smell, it could never escape and cause an issue.

Realistically, this rumour is nothing to worry about as seeds are legal within the UK and stopping seeds from processing through the post would take way too much time and money.

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