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Super Skunk Grow Journal

super skunk grow journal
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Super Skunk Grow Journal

Super Skunk Strain + Grow Setup Info

In this Super Skunk Grow Journal the grower cultivates one Super Skunk Cannabis Seed by Dark Wizard Genetics under a SCROG screen using a 250W HPS light. One small 6″ osiclating fan is used between the plant and HPS to help reduce temperatures. an addition of a small fan under the canopy would have been helpful to reduce the chances of bud rot later in flower. The Super Skunk plant is placed inside a grow tent after it has germinated and broken the soil.

super skunk grow journal
For more details, or to purchase these seeds, check out the official strain info on the Super Skunk seeds page

Lighting: 250W HPS light
Light Cycle: 18/6 & 12/12
Temperature: 24-27°C
Grow Space: Indoor – Grow Tent
Medium: Soil
PH level: 6.2

Super Skunk Seedling

super skunk seedling
Nothing too interesting here, just a healthy looking seedling looking forward to the future!

Super Skunk Vegetation

super skunk young veg
Here the Super Skunk is around two weeks old and is looking very healthy with dark green leaves. You can see from the curling of the leaves that the plant got a little too hot at some point, but the plant is still strong and is growing rapidly.

Super Skunk at 3 Weeks

super skunk veg
Here the plant is around three weeks old. There are still some slight temperature issues as seen in the edges of the leaves curling up on the new growth. The young Super Skunk continues to grow quickly regardless of this.

Super Skunk at 5 Weeks

super skunk scrog
At 5 weeks old from seed, the Super Skunk has now been placed under the scrog and it begins to make some fantastic headway filling out the screen. Many growers would of placed the plant under the screen sooner than this but it is down to preference.

Super Skunk at 6 Weeks

super skunk flipped flower
As the plant has now filled around 60% of the screen it is time to start flowering. The light schedule has been changed to 12/12 to induce flowering.

Super Skunk Flowering

super skunk scrog underneath net
A nice photo under the net of the scrog shows how the stems have matured and developed knuckles under the stems to help support the future heavy weight of the buds. This is always a good sign that a heavy yield is on the way!

Super Skunk – 1 Weeks Flower

super skunk flower start week 1
The plant is now at the start of flower, you can tell by the tops of the plant being a little spindly and paler than the rest of the plant. Over the next week or two, the Super Skunk will stretch and change shape as it gets ready to build buds.

Super Skunk at 10 Days Flower

super skunk scrog from above in start of flower
The plant has stretched out and begun changing shape ready for the next part of its life cycle. Much of the scrog screen is now filled out which is why flowering always starts before it is full.

super skunk start of bud
A close up of the top part of a stem shows a future cola. The plant is looking very healthy and should produce a great harvest.

Super Skunk at 3 Weeks Flower

super skunk flower week 2
At 3 weeks in flower the bud sites are taking shape and the plant is well on the way to producing bud.

super skunk flower week 2 close
Another close up on the top part of a stem shows the massive progress made in 7 – 12 days.

Super Skunk at 4 Weeks Flower

super skunk 4 weeks flower
4 weeks into flower. Around halfway into the flower cycle, there is a lot happening as the buds have produced a lot of THC and began to expand and dense.

super skunk 4 weeks flower side view of scrog
A nice side shot of the scrog helps to see the size of this plant and the number of different bud sites that have been created due to the training technique.

super skunk 4 weeks flower cola

Super Skunk at 5 Weeks Flower

super skunk 5 weeks flower
At 5 weeks flower the Super Skunk is sailing towards to finishing line! Buds are looking beautiful and with so many bud sites the future looks bright indeed.

super skunk 5 weeks flower branch

Super Skunk at 7 Weeks Flower

super skunk flower week 7 side

super skunk flower week 7
Whilst it is normal for cannabis plant leaves to turn all sorts of colours at the end of flowering, it is a little soon for so many to be a pale yellow. It looks like the grower has experienced some plant problems and the Super Skunk has a deficiency, most likely caused by an incorrect PH level or wrong level of nutrient food.

Super Skunk at 8 Weeks Flower

super skunk 8 weeks flower2

super skunk 8 weeks flower
The grower decided to cut down at 8 weeks of flower as the trichomes were 20% – 30% amber, however, the plant looks like it could have gone another week which would have been a great way to increase the overall yield of the plant as a lot of weight gets adding during the final phase of the flower.

Where to buy Super Skunk cannabis Seeds

You can buy Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds along with auto super skunk seeds right here on our website, along with a huge range of different varieties, crossovers, and classic strains such as our original skunk#1 seeds.

How much did Super Skunk yield?

The grower declared a dry yield of 142 grams from this single plant grow using a 250W HPS and scrog method.

How long did Super Skunk take from seed to harvest?

It took a grand total of 14 weeks to veg and flower this Super Skunk Plant. 6 Weeks were spent in veg and 8 weeks spent in flower. However, many growers would not have spent such a long time in veg so this could of been quicker.

Was Super Skunk easy to grow?

This strain was easy to grow and until the end, the grower had no issues of any type. Towards the last week, there was a nutrient deficiency caused by an unknown element.

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