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Auto Sour Diesel Grow Journal

auto sour diesel grow journal
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Auto Sour Diesel Grow Journal

Auto Sour Diesel Strain + Grow Setup Info

In this grow journal the forum user is cultivating 5x Auto Sour Diesel seeds by Dark Wizard Genetics. This Auto Sour Diesel grow journal showcases its dominant sativa genetics and gives every grower a reason to run a cycle of this delicious strain.

Auto Sour Diesel GROW JOURNAL
For more details, or to purchase these seeds, check out the official strain info on the Auto Sour Diesel seeds page

6″ Extractor
250W Blue CFL Bulb (veg)
250W Red CFL Bulb (flower)
John Innes soil
Bio Bizz nutrients
5 litre pots


Instead of using a popular germination method such as dropping the seeds in water or using a wet paper towel, the grower decided to place the seeds directly into moist jiffy plugs. These were then placed in a propagator underneath a 250w CFL bulb.

The plants were potted early as the wardrobe is quite small and the temperatures were exceeding 29C which is a little too warm. The higher temperatures caused the jiffy plugs to dry out very quickly hence the repot. Some modifications were made to the wardrobe to reduce temperatures to 25C.

Seedlings Day 7

Seedlings are now 7 days old and are doing well under the 250W CFL.


Auto Sour Diesel Vegetation – 14 Days (2 weeks)

At day 14 the seedlings have grown and have started producing a root system and are now in vegetation. The grower uses a half-strength solution of TNT complex, Root complex, Power Zyme and Super Vit.

Auto Sour Diesel Vegetation – 17 Days

The auto sour diesel plants are now 17 days old. The grower is still using a single 250W CFL bulb over 5 plants and the plants have not received as many nutrients as they could take so growth has started to stall, but the plant is still healthy and growing.

Auto Sour Diesel Vegetation – 28 Days (4 weeks)

The picture below is at 4 weeks’ veg. White piston hairs are just starting to show which indicates this auto is about to burst into the flowering phase.


Auto Sour Diesel Flowering – 35 Days (5 weeks)

At week 5 the auto sour diesel is racing into flower and exploding white pistons in all areas.

Auto Sour Diesel Flowering – 42 Days (6 weeks)

At week 6 there has been huge progress and flowers are starting to take shape.

Auto Sour Diesel Flowering – 49 Days (7 weeks)

At week 7 the flowers are starting to pack some weight on. The image is a little hard to see but it was the best picture the grower provided at this stage.

Auto Sour Diesel Flowering – 56 Days (8 weeks)

Week 8 shows the buds have now ripened and are ready to harvest! Just as the breeder description said, the plant took 8 weeks from seed to harvest.


The final yield for the growers auto sour diesel was 1.5 ounces per plant. This was using 5 litre pots and a 250W CFL over 5 plants. Not a bad yield at all for such a small single bulb light! Using more light and larger pots would have given the grower a far superior yield than this. But it is a fantastic result for such a small setup.

How much did Auto Sour Diesel yield?

With a single 250W CFL bulb the total yield was 7 and a half ounces, that is 1.5 ounces per plant! It’s a fantastic yield for such a small amount of light.

How long did Auto Sour Diesel take from seed to flower?

From seed to harvest it took 8 weeks to harvest these Auto Sour Diesel plants making it a very fast cannabis strain.

How tall will Auto Sour Diesel grow?

In small 5 litre pots, these plants stayed very short with an estimated height of 70cm, making them perfect for smaller grow spaces.

Was Auto Sour Diesel easy to grow?

Like all automatic cannabis strains, there is no room for mistakes at the start. Auto Sour Diesel had no special requirements so they would suit all growers of all levels.

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