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AK47 Grow Journal – Complete
AK47 Grow Journal
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AK47 Grow Journal – Complete

In this grow journal the grower is cultivating AK47 cannabis seeds which is a famous strain known for its potency and incredibly powerful smell it gives off.

Lights: 600W HPS for Veg & Flower (multi-spectrum bulb)
Medium: Soil
XL Budbox Grow tent

AK47 Seedlings

ak47 clones
The grower was gifted these these AK47 clones from a friend – She received more than she needed so that she could pick the strongest from the bunch.

AK47 Vegetation

So here we go… The clones have rooted and I selected the ones I wanted to keep and disposed of the weaker ones.

These AK47 plants are around 3 weeks old and have been topped once to create more heads – this will help to achieve a higher yield from the plants.

ak47 start of veg

ak47 start of veg2

AK47 Grow Journal - Complete

AK47 Flowering

The AK47 plants have now been on a 12/12 time schedule to induce flowering for 10 days and they are doing me proud.
The leaves are already feeling sticky, and they stink! Got my XL Budbox, RUCK and filter on order for the babies, BRING IT ON!
And thats me so far! Will update in a couple of weeks, hope you enjoy!

Around Two days in to official flower

ak47 start flowering

ak47 start flowering2

2 Weeks Flower

Since white pistons started to show it has been 2 weeks, the plants are nicely starting to flower now
ak47 flowering 2 weeks

ak47 flowering 2 weeks 2

4 Weeks Flower

Right here we are at 4 weeks of flower, a few pics of my ladies fattening up nicely! Lots of bud sites now.
4 weeks flower ak47

4 weeks flower ak47

4 weeks flower ak47

6 Weeks Flower

Now I’m getting excited, here’s my latest update, enjoy! Oh and yes I know there’s some nutrient burn, I overdid the nutrients slightly last week, oops!
Hope you all like them!
ak47 6 weeks flower

ak47 6 weeks flower #2

ak47 6 weeks flower #3

8 Weeks Flower

My AK47 plants are nearly ready to harvest and are 8 weeks into flower! So many huge dense buds I feel like I’ve been spoilt! Very successful grow.
8 weeks flower finish ak47

8 weeks flower finish ak47 #2

8 weeks flower finish ak47 #3

AK47 Harvest

And after 9 weeks of flowering, it is finally time to reap the rewards of my work! Yields are looking great and the quality is on point.

ak47 harvest time

ak47 harvest time #2

One of the plants hung up after trimming:
ak47 harvest hung up

How much did AK47 yield?

From 3 plants the grower pulled down a dry harvest of just under six ounces

How long did AK47 take from seed to harvest?

After the clones had rooted, the overall time from start to finish was around 13 – 4 weeks. Flowering took 9 weeks from the moment white pistons were on show.

Was AK47 easy to grow?

Using a 600w HPS, soil, and standard nutrients the grower pulled around two ounces per plant with basic knowledge and a bit of TLC! Ak47 was easy to grow for a beginner.

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