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Auto Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

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Auto Girl Scout Cookies - A Complete Guide

Autoflowering Girl Scout Cookies Seeds is a great way to reap some potent buds with extraordinary aroma and taste. These seeds flower quickly and give huge yields with minimal effort! Autoflowering strains are getting increasingly popular these days as they are easy to look after and flower quickly. The legendary Californian strain Girl Scout Cookies is a favorite of collectors as well as for connoisseurs and patients for its potency, aromas, and effects.

Below, we list some details about the Auto Girl Scout Cookies strain to help collectors who are interested in this cannabis variety fully understand it.


Automatic Girl Scout Cookies Overview

Auto Girl Scout Cookies is a feminized autoflowering seed that features all of the traits of the world-famous photoperiod version. She has been combined with reliable automatic genetics to speed up the entire process by several weeks. She develops into a mid-sized bushy plant and can thrive outdoors in areas with short summers. When placed indoors, it demands less time and effort than many other strains making her a repeat purchase for many collectors.

The outstanding cultivation speed of this autoflowering strain doesn’t affect the relaxing, potent effects of the cannabis. This hybrid Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis variety is a high-THC strain that appeals to worldwide collectors due to its quality combined with yield and short life cycle.

Auto Girl Scout Cookies is a hard-hitting product and its super high THC content delivers a Sativa dominant effect. The autoflowering cannabis strain can meet the expectations of any level of collector whether experienced or newbie.

Automatic Girl Scout Cookies Appearance

Auto Girl Scout Cookies grows into a medium-sized plant featuring prominent side branches. It tends to stretch sideways and the Ruderalis genes don’t restrict her growth. It has a bushy structure with medium internodes that grow dense boulders of bud all over.

This type of structure means aeration is always available to the branches and light can enter every corner of the plant without being blocked. This is further complemented by its random thin, elongated leaves that show off it's Sativa dominance.

The strain produces bright green colored, dense buds with snowy trichomes and beautiful leaves with a purple hue. The buds and leaves exhibit orange and red hues as the plant gets mature. You can smell a strong aroma as the buds reach the flowering period.

The plants reach 60-100 cms in height based on the variety and climatic conditions. Outdoors, reports show yields of 200 grams or more per plant while indoors basic methods can give a massive harvest of up to 600 g/sq.m.

Automatic Girl Scout Cookies Flavour & Aroma

The distinct aroma and special flavor are what gave the strain its legendary status. The Automatic OG Kush that GSC was crossed with is one of the strains known worldwide for its scent. This is why the Auto Girl Scout Cookies preserves the popular zesty aromas from the Kush along with the Mint Cookie aromas for the GSC.

The strain exhibits the famous Cookies flavor with newly added dessert-like touches that give you a feeling of a freshly baked sweet. The classic cannabis flavor is altered a little to create something that is hard to forget. Upon inhalation, the cannabis feels super sweet with flavors of chocolate, nutmeg, and brown sugar. The exhale leaves savory notes of lemongrass and pepper with an earthy touch.

More Information
Smell LevelHigh
FlavourZesty Cookies
TypeAutoFlower FEM
Flowering70 Days (10w)
Seeds GeneticsGSC x Auto OG Kush
Indica / SativaMostly Sativa
SuitabilityIndoor, Outdoor
Yield40-160g a Plant
BreederDark Wizard Genetics
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