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Purple leaves late flowering

leaves turning purple
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Purple leaves late flowering

When growing cannabis it is not uncommon for the leaves to turn purple during flowering. There are only a few reasons that this can happen and it is easily fixed. For many growers, it is not something to concern yourself about. Read our guide below and find out all the reasons that leaves can turn purple during both flowering and veg.

Leaves turning Purple due to cold temperatures

During night time cannabis plants should be around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. During daytime, they should be between 75 and 85 Fahrenheit. Sometimes growers can struggle to control the temperatures during nighttime, especially during the winter season. When the temperature drops below 55 Fahrenheit most strains will turn purple, some more than others depending on genetics. Some people purposely drop the temperatures in order to grow purple cannabis. Raising the temperatures to the correct range will easily fix the problem and stop the leaves from turning purple.

Naturally Purple Strains

Strains such as Purple Girl Scout Cookies and Purple Stardawg can naturally turn purple even when the growing condition are correct. In this case it is nothing to worry about.

End of life cycle

When a cannabis plant finishes its life cycle the leaves can turn many different colours including yellow, pink, red, and purple. This is because the plant is ready to be harvested.

Are Purple Leaves a Problem?

As long as the leaves are purple due to genetics and not cold growing conditions, then it is not a problem.

cannabis leaves turning purple


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