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Cannabis Seeds in London

cannabis seeds in London

London is the grand capital of the UK, but contrary to the belief of citizens in many other countries, there are actually many more noteworthy places in the UK! London is famous for many things and has been the epicenter for music, diversity, and also cannabis seeds! Cheese is a world-famous strain that is believed to originate from London, it is one of the only strains that has come out of England and become a well-known hall of famer. This is because the laws around cultivating cannabis in London has always been strict, forbidding both herbs and plants. However, London does have many cannabis seedbanks as luckily this was always permitted.

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Prices of Cannabis Seeds in London

cannabis seeds pricing

No matter what you are shopping for, you can expect to pay a much higher price when you want to buy cannabis seeds in London. However, websites like ours which are based outside of the capital allow anyone, anywhere, to purchase cannabis seeds online. So Londoners can take advantage of our cheap cannabis seeds and get their products the very next working day. If a local was to simply enter a seed merchant on the high street they could easily pay 5 times as much per seed when compared to our prices. But this is not to do with greed, owning and running a high street shop in a place such as London will give the manager some hefty bills to cover, so inevitably the prices have to go up to cover this.

Can you grow cannabis outside in London, UK

There are many marijuana strains that theoretically could be grown outdoors in London, preferably a strain with a quick flowering time that can still perform well in a colder climate, such as Somango, Critical and White Widow. But because of the local laws, residents are forbidden to cultivate this magical crop. A quick look at a local post on the capital’s government website shows that it is still very much taken seriously and still very much illegal

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in London

Yes, it is 100% legal to buy and own cannabis seeds in London. It is only illegal to germinate and grow them. Many people find this strange but in the UK this has always been the case. It allows residents to help preserve these very important genetics for potential future use if the laws were to change.

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