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Cannabis Seeds in Devon

cannabis seeds in Devon

If you are looking for buying cannabis seeds in Devon, this article will offer some tips to help you find the right store for your needs. The UK is currently the third-largest distributor of cannabis seeds in Europe. Devon has a number of specialist seedbanks who offer some of the very best quality cannabis seeds in the entire world. However, these big players do not have brick and mortar shops and only operate online. Here at Sticky Seeds, we offer one of the biggest selections of cannabis seeds in the UK and we can deliver them anywhere in Devon the very next working day.

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This region has a good reputation for producing some of the finest cannabis seeds on the market. The growing season in this area is usually from May to June and the harvest season is from September to October. The climate of Devon means that the majority of the plants can be grown in any weather conditions, although the wetter parts of the country can sometimes experience a little more rainfall than the dry regions.

There are a number of local cannabis club members in Devon who sometimes list strains on the Facebook Devon Marketplace where you can collect and trade in-person. These seeds will vary in price based on the breeder and rarity of the strain. You could pay less or more than using an online shop, it really depends on the seller. However, a big drawback is that you will not know how fresh the seller’s seeds are and they may have been stored badly, reducing the life span or even rendering them lifeless.

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