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If you are looking for fast flowering cannabis strains then you're in the right place. Let's get straight to the point here. At Sticky Seeds we have two types of fast flowering cannabis seeds. You can either go for normal photoperoid fast flowering cannabis seeds listed here, or you can go for Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds. Not sure which is best? Check out the quick rundown below.

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Fast Flowering Cannabis Strains (Feminized & Photoperoid)

Photoperoid cannabis plants are the common cannabis strains that rely on reducing the light cycle from 18/6 to 12/12 to induce flowering. All the strains listed here have a fast flowering cycle, meaning that the buds will finish and ripen much quicker than the average strain. Here are some quick advantages:

  • Photoperoid strains often produce stronger cannabis.
  • You can choose when to flower, so if the plant becomes ill and unhealthy you have time to nurse her back before flowering; Unlike Autos that will flower automatically whether you are ready or not. This makes photoperoid a better choice for beginners.
  • Less electricity usage, as the plant uses 12 hours of light rather than the 20 hours Autos need.

Fast Autoflowering Cannabis Strains

These are the quickest way to complete a plants life cycle and get harvesting, Autos are a simple solution when you want to buy quick flowering cannabis seeds. Here are some quick advantages:

  • Comparing a 12 week auto to a 14 week total photoperoid plant, you could easily yield more from the auto, as it can be given an extra 8 hours of light during every day of flowering. Saving you 2 weeks and giving you more yield, that is a huge advantage.
  • Hands down, autos are the quickest flowering cannabis strains.

No matter what option you go for, you can rest asure that we only sell top quality strains. The harvested buds from these incredible quick flowering cannabis seeds are sure to amaze you! There is truly no loss in potency or flavour in any of the hundreds of products listed below. They could easily go head to head with any normal type of feminized cannabis seeds without disappointing.

Why Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds are advantageous

Imagine you are a care giver, or a medicinal patient. You are running low on your herbal medications and will run out soon. Millions of people relay on cannabis for many different illnesses. If time is short and you need more medicine ASAP then you will be wanting to get the fastest flowering cannabis seeds available. Shaving off 4-6 weeks off a normal crop is a huge deal.

Whilst these strains will thrive indoors, they also can be a great choice for the outdoor grower in such countries with less hot weather such as England, Russia or parts of Europe. Due to the shorter flowering phases these plants can excel in shorter summer periods!

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