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Buy Skunk Cannabis Seeds

Portrayed by the media as the most dangerous type of marijuana, skunk cannabis seeds have a massive reputation across the glove. Whilst skunk cannabis seeds have not been proven to be dangerous, we can confirm that they are one of the most powerful strains for sale and boast high THC and an incredibly pungent smell. There are not many people on Earth, smokers or not, that have not heard about Skunk. They obtained their name after the animal due to it's incredibly strong scent. If someone has a bag of skunk in the room, then it will not take long before they are sniffed out!

The popularity that surrounds skunk #1 is huge but surprisingly the back story is not as well known. It was first bred in the 70's and since then it has become the parent of an incredible amount of cross-over strains. In the 80s the founder of this genetic brought his seeds over from America to Amsterdam. His 'skunk' found quick success and was enjoyed by many. It did not take long before the seeds went up for sale in numerous shops.

People who buy skunk cannabis seeds never regret their choice, with a balanced sativa and indica influence these genetics give the best of both worlds. The THC levels from skunk average around 17 to 20%, it has colossal resin production and great resistance against bud rot which is a huge bonus for humid climates.