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High CBD Seeds

High CBD Cannabis Seeds

To make things easier for our customers we have listed all of our high CBD cannabis seeds under one category below. Since 2010, high CBD seeds have became a very popular product. Many people prefer to opt for higher ratios of CBD over THC so that they can medicate without the strong stoned effect. CBD seeds produce buds that are effective for anti-inflammatory, anxiety, PTSD and many other things. However, currently in the UK these high CBD seeds can not officially be classed as a medicine so they can not be personally recommended for any of the previous conditions. Our CBD rich marijuana seeds have had fantastic feedback and ticked all the boxes for many collectors.

‘CBD’ is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, which is a non-psychoactive ingredient that many smokers enjoy for the medicinal benefits without an overwhelming stoned effect. The Cannabidiol rich seeds that we sell contain different levels of THC so be sure to use the filter to narrow down your search. We have both CBD with traces of THC and also strains that have high CBD & THC levels together.

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