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Cheese Seeds

Cheese Cannabis Seeds

Those who are lucky enough to collect cheese cannabis seeds are in for a real treat. This unique skunk based phenotype was first found in the 80’s by a popular breeder and quickly blew up to become one of the most sought after strains around. Cheese cannabis seeds are unique from skunk in many ways, even just visually you can admire the tight calyxes and super dense bud growth that cheese has to offer. The smell is also much different than it’s sibling, it gives a much more subtle and musty smell which many collectors prefer.

Our cheese cannabis seeds are from the closest linage from the previously clone only strain. All of the popular and much wanted traits from the original cheese has been kept intact. Legend has it that this strain originated from Great Britain which for obvious reasons is a rare addition to the cannabis community! This was back when people in the UK could legally cultivate for personal use (This is not currently the case). This strain is now enjoyed all over the world and is a popular choice in all Amsterdam coffee shops.

If you’re looking for a strong indica smoke then we strongly suggest you buy cheese cannabis seeds! This strain has so much to offer including a relatively fast flowering time that usually takes around 8 weeks to finish. The original Cheese is a clone only but many breeders have taken the clone and bred it with less dominating indica strains, in order to maintain it’s cheesy properties. The THC levels of cheese range around 14%, whilst not the highest in our catalogue it has plenty of other genetic make-up giving it a strong effect for all smokers.

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