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Cookie Dawg Feminized Seeds

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Cookie Dawg Seeds - A Complete Guide UPDATED 2020

One of the most sought-after hybrids by those who want an incredibly well balanced Indica & Sativa strain. These genetics can induce full body and mind relaxation. Cookie Dawg is one of the most interesting 50/50 strains for collectors worldwide.

This hybrid has its own unique aroma, taste, effects, and benefits that attract recreational and medicinal users across the world. A large number of cannabis enthusiasts know and love this strain for many different reasons.


Cookie Dawg General Information

These feminized seeds are for those collectors who want a strain that can produce some top-shelf buds with a balance of both Indica and Sativa. The seed produces hybrid cannabis with an estimated 50/50 ratio of Indica and Sativa. This strain has resulted from a cross between the powerful Chemdawg strain and the classic Girl Scout Cookies. Both of these are incredibly famous in the industry, so a skillful crossover was bound to be a hit.

Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most potent strains for medical marijuana users and delivers a happy, euphoric, powerful high with the best effects of Indica and Sativa. It tastes and smells earthy and sweet.

Chemdawg, on the other hand, is a legendary strain that delivers the best of both worlds with a THC level going up to 19%. The strain has a spicy taste with a diesel-like aroma. It produces a cerebral high with a creativity boost and a stony body high.

The cross between these two potent strains makes Cookie Dawg both tasty and powerful. It delivers a balanced high and relaxation for the body and the mind accompanied by bliss, laughter, and munchies, a perfect bud for those who want to relax at the end of the day.

Cookie Dawg Appearance & Smell

Known by other names such as Dog Cookies and Dawg Cookie, these seeds can grow into blue tinted lumpy flowers with fine hairs and luscious amber trichomes. The good-sized structure of sticky buds is covered in potent trichomes with patches of purple and blue colors.

The flower tastes nutty with a slight sour chemical finish and the aroma is sweetly plant-like with notes of nuts and vanilla. The savoury, complex aroma combines the sweet and toasted taste of Cookies with a chemical hint of Chemdog.

This unique blend of aroma and taste is what makes the strain so popular and exciting among connoisseurs who like trying new potent buds and benefit from their effects.


Cookie Dawg is a cannabis strain with a very high THC content. This high THC content results in strong effects that most users love, but new users may want to avoid. It causes extreme relaxation in a few people followed by hunger and sedation. It is not recommended for newbies who are looking to get started with hybrids.

Reports show that this strain is ideal for evening use, the Cookie Dawg strain gets you ready for some serious TV entertainment by locking you into the sofa. You can expect a lot of munchies, laughter, and creativity. The Cookie Dawg flower is great for those who want to clear the mind and feel refreshed. You can expect to start finding the bright side of things with laughter overtaking all the worries. The mind flies to cloud 9 while the body stays rooted to the ground.

More Information
Smell LevelAverage
FlavourFuel, Cookie Dough, Vanilla
Flowering9 - 10 Weeks
Seeds GeneticsGSC x Chemdawg
Indica / Sativa50% Indica / 50% Sativa
SuitabilityIndoor, Outdoor
Yield600 gr/m2
BreederDark Wizard Genetics
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