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Auto Gelato - A Complete Guide

High potency cannabis strains have gained increasing popularity in recent years and many collectors often look for the most potent strains available. Finding a strain that offers intense amounts of THC is not easy, but more and more genetics keep popping up and these Auto Gelato seeds are one of the most recent to blow up.

Below, we will take a closer look at this autoflowering strain of Gelato and learn more about its growth and characteristics to help enthusiasts understand just how special it is.


Automatic Gelato Overview

Auto Gelato is an autoflowering variety of the famous cannabis strain Girl Scout Cookies which is known to be one of the most aromatic varieties boasting monstrous levels of THC. The breeders have infused the original strain with autoflowering genetics to make it faster to finish. The Auto Gelato reflects the best in traits with an award-winning flavor, high potency and a resin profile that collectors, as well as connoisseurs, will find highly appealing.

What makes Auto Gelato different from other strains is its staggering THC level. It is not for somebody with a weak heart but suits those who want a soaring high that lasts for hours. With an amazing blend of Sativa and Indica, the strain offers upbeat, giggling effects accompanied by creativity, relaxation and stress-relief. Stoners with a low tolerance level would find the bud to be a heavy hitter as it has the potential to keep you couch-locked for hours.

An ideal choice for experienced smokers with creative minds, Auto Gelato is great for unwinding after a stressful day. It sends the mind to a calmer place and gives a perfect hit for painting, writing or any other creative activity. It is also an excellent social accompaniment for events and parties, making conversations easier. Those who are new to cannabis should be careful because the strain is quite potent.

This strain can offer an amazing yield in as little as 70 days from seed. Auto Gelato is an ideal variety for commercial production as well as beginners. If you are a fan of terpene-rich strains with big yields and fast flowering time, distinct flavors and sky-high potency, you should look no further!

Automatic Gelato Flavour & Aroma

The characteristics of Gelato has created a loud buzz in the cannabis industry in recent years. The strain features an incredible aroma and a dessert taste resembling ice-cream and cookies. The smell can be picked up instantly as you open the bag and intensifies as the bud is cured. The primary notes are fruity and sweet with undertones of Kush. As the flower is ground, the nose can pick subtle notes of mint, pine, and hazelnut. You can describe the aroma as sweet, smooth, vanilla with citrus and ice-cream notes.

This terpene-rich cultivar boasts a flavor like none other. On the inhale, your palates are hit with a sweet, creamy cookie with undertones of citrus, smooth and earthy. Auto Gelato has certainly one of the best flavors in the market.

Automatic Gelato Appearance

The plant appears rich green in color with crystal covered leaves that sparkle under the light. With an Indica structure, the plant is stocky with lots of compact buds. At the end of the life cycle the buds boast a vibrant green color with firey orange hairs that stick to the fingers with even a slight touch.

Auto Gelato is an autoflowering seed that is easy to look after. It is an amazing introductory strain that beginners can consider. It is easy to manage and does not grow higher than 120 cm. The Sativa influence makes the plant produce tall, narrow colas filled with trichomes.

More Information
Smell LevelAverage
FlavourIce cream, Sweet, Cookies
TypeAutoFlower FEM
Flowering70 Days (10w)
Seeds GeneticsThin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Sunset Sherbet
Indica / Sativa30% Indica / 70% Sativa
Yield30-140g a Plant
BreederDark Wizard Genetics
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