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Cheap Cannabis Seeds with High Yields

Cheap Cannabis Seeds with High Yields

When it comes to comparing yields of cheaper seeds and more pricey options there is really no difference. The price of the seed will not determine the yield in any way. Here at Sticky Seeds, we have a fantastic collection of cheap cannabis seeds that yield large amounts. For many collectors high yielding seeds are by far the most important factor, but it is very import to look deeper into the strain and ensure that THC levels are adequate for your needs as there is no point in having large amounts of low-quality product!

We are currently stocking a few different options of cheap cannabis seeds with high yields, take a look below and find the best options first and lesser popular genetics last. All of these are perfect for those looking for a marijuana strain that can provide a larger harvest without spending crazy amounts of money on the seed.

Top 5 Favourites

Giant Bud

Giant Bud
By far the best option for that colossal harvest! The name really says it all, however, may be 'Chronic Giant Bud' could be better suited as it really does hit hard with high THC levels that could test even the most seasoned of smokers.
Yields can reach up to 700 grams per square meter. You can buy Giant Bud Cannabis Seeds here


Shalom was birthed by breeding two very well known strains together. An attractive Skunk was selected and bred with pure Indica Afghani lineage to create this beautifully balanced strain.
Yields are reported to average between 600 - 675 grams per square meter. You can buy Shalom Cannabis Seeds here

critical mass

Critical Mass
Many collectors will already know this strain, it set the benchmark for high yields and potent buds. A very tasty product with lots of positive genetic properties which helped to put it on the map worldwide.
Yields can reach 700 grams per square meter. You can buy Critical Mass Cannabis Seeds here

auto shalom

Automatic Shalom
A faster version of the original, Automatic Shalom can build up some fantastic chunky buds in a quick time. Whilst keeping true to the original it shaves off a good 3 to 4 weeks.
Yields are reported to reach up to 200 grams per plant. You can buy Automatic Shalom Cannabis Seeds here

auto critical

Automatic Critical Cheese
If you are willing to reduce harvest weight a little bit then you can opt for some of our Automatic Critical Cheese! This truly flavoursome strain is incredibly moreish and dank.
Yields can hit 160 grams per plant. You can buy Automatic Critical Cheese Cannabis Seeds here


So there we have it, that was the top five of our largest producing marijuana strains including both feminized and automatic varieties! We have lots more cheap cannabis seeds in stock for you to buy!

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